Hide things in jello and eat your way to them!

Ice Cube Smash

Smash ice cubes, color them with paint or colored water or freeze items inside of them and try to get them out.

Make Your Own Sensory Bins

You can find things that you already have at home to create a fun sensory experience for your child(ren).  Get a small bin, large plastic bowl, or other similar container. Add cups, spoons, or other kitchen utensils. You can get more creative by adding small animals, people, cars, or really anything you can find! You can contain the mess by putting a large towel, plastic table cloth, or shower curtain underneath. Water play could be done in the bathtub and on nice days, you can move the play outdoors.  A simple list of sensory items you might already have at home include:

  • dry rice
  • dry noodles
  • shaving cream
  • sand
  • bird seed
  • water
  • cotton balls
  • Easter grass

Calling all boxes!

Any box you can find can be a treasure and kids can add to it or change it often!

  • Add blankets and make a fort
  • Use a small box, add paint and a marble to make a design
  • Make a boat
  • Add a string to create a wagon for stuffed animals
  • Stack them up to build a tower
  • Add paint and markers to create a mural
  • Decorate it with stickers to make a treasure box
  • Paint the box with Water
  • Turn it into a car wash
  • Pound tees in with a hammer
  • Cut holes in the side and drop items in
  • Throw balls or bean bags into one

Simple sensory play

Put an inch or two of water in the bathtub, add a drop or two of food coloring if you have it, and let them scoop and pour to their heart’s content. No need for fancy containers or materials…soup ladles, measuring spoons, and large bowls work great!

Shaving Cream


  • Food coloring and mix colors in a Ziploc bag
  • Cars for making tracks Forks/kitchen tools to make designs
  • Paint brushes and paint to mix colors
  • Blocks to build towers
  • Cookie Cutters/Stamps to make designs
  • Water Beads
  • Colored Ice Cubes
  • Add some glue and make puffy paint

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