Loose parts play

A few things to keep in mind: loose parts are just that: any parts that are floating around, loose, that might have no other function. Open the junk drawer in the kitchen and see what's in there! You can put some/all of it in a basket or bowl and offer it to your kiddos as a "treasure basket".

Here are few easy loose parts ideas with stuff you might have at home already:

  • If you have a mirror that can be laid flat (hand mirror, larger makeup mirror, etc) on a table or the floor, put it down and add some legos, blocks, etc to build with and explore reflections at the same time.
  • Grab a jar (mason jar, empty peanut butter jar...any kind) and fill it with pebbles or larger rocks from the yard. Take a walk and collect as many twigs or small branches as you like. When you get home, add the twigs to the rocks in the jar (so they poke out the top) and then let your child use clothespins to clip on and off to "decorate" their tree. Added fun for older friends: parent or older sibling can trace leaf shapes and younger can cut them out first, then clip them on!
  • Buttons, rubber bands, shoe boxes, Tupperware with no matching lid, serving spoons…empty out the junk drawer and watch your child go to work!
  • Picture of an idea for loose parts play:
  • imagekt5r.png