Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


During fall, some leaves on trees turn many different colors.

Fall Leaves-Erika L. Shores

We will go on a walk around campus and collect leaves today.


In the fall, some animals begin storing food for the winter. Squirrels search for acorns and keep them in trees.

Fall-Emily C. Dawson

We will search for acorns and leaves in rice today.


When it is fall, some trees grow food that we can eat. Apples are a food from trees that we can eat.

Fall-Stephanie Turnbull

We will taste test different kinds of apples today.


In fall, the weather becomes colder.

How’s the Weather in Fall? –Rebecca Felix

We will dress paper dolls for the seasons today.


Some people like to go to the pumpkin patch in the fall.

Fall Walk-Virginia Brimhall Snow

We will pound golf tees into pumpkins today.

Changes to the Environment

For art this week, we will make some apple prints. For sensory play, we will explore shaving cream on the tables. For small motor work, we will try some new puzzles. For large motor play, we will try raking some leaves in our room. We will use small logs and tree slices for construction play this week.  

Special Notes

We will welcome our new student teacher, Caroline, to our group this week! We are glad you are here!