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Songs, Books, and Stories 

Special Activities 


Birds are animals that use their wings to fly.  

Birds-Kevin Henkes 

“Little Bird Little Bird”  

We will use the glue sticks to glue feathers on birds today.  


Chickens are birds that lay eggs. They sit on their eggs to hatch them. 

Egg-Kevin Henkes 

The Shakey Egg 

We will listen to music and use egg shakers.  


Birds build homes called nests. Some nests are on the ground and some are in a tree.   


“Little Bird Little Bird” 

We will take a ride around campus in the buggies today. We will see if we can spot any nests or birds.  



Birds have feathers to keep them dry and warm.  

Busy Birdies-John Schindel & Steven Holt  

“2 Little Birds” 

We will try to thread beads on feathers.  


Ducks are birds that swim in the water as well as fly. 

One Duck Stuck-Phyllis  

Root & Jane Chapman  

10 Little Rubber Ducks-Eric Carle 

“5 Little Ducks”  

We will use rubber ducks in the water table today.  

Changes to the Environment 

For large motor work, we will use the parachute to make birds fly! For small motor work we will open and close plastic eggs to find what’s inside. For art, we will work with multi-colored crayons. For our sensory work this week, we will take turns bringing bird seed out to the bird feeder. Our construction play this week will be the duplos. Our dramatic play area will feature a bird watching station.  

Special Notes