Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


Fall is a season.

Welcome Fall

“Leaves Are Gently Falling Down”

We will take a buggy ride on campus to look for signs of fall and to collect leaves.  We will play in the leaves too!


During fall the weather gets cooler.

We Love Fall
“The Mittens on My Hands”

We will explore various kinds of water – warm, cool, and cold.  We will add ice and bubbles to the water.


In the fall leaves turn colors and fall from the trees.

“Five Little Leaves”

We will examine a variety of leaves and make a leaf collage. We will use flannel board leaves and sort them by color.


Animals start preparing for cold weather during the fall.

Busy Squirrels
“Fall is Here”

We will play a find-the-nuts and feed-the-squirrels game.




We will have a fall party for Erin’s last day with us. We will play games and have a special snack.

Changes to the Environment

We will include rakes and leaves in the dramatic play area this week.  For art play we’ll do some sponge painting and for sensory play we will explore some pretend “mud” in the sensory table.  We’ll add forest animals to our block area for construction play.  For small motor play we’ll manipulate some fall can games and for large motor play “Ring Around the Maple Tree”.

Special Notes