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Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


Boxes are used to hold various things.

“My Box is on My Head”        How Many Bugs in a Box

We will examine many different kinds of boxes and do some flannelboard activities that we find inside them.


Boxes come in various shapes and sizes.

“Here We Go Around the Box”

Not A Box

We will match boxes and lids and paint with boxes today.




We will have a party for Sophie’s last week with us. We will play some box games and eat a snack in a box.


Boxes can be many different colors.

“Mary Has a Red Box”

When This Box is Full

We will find surprises inside different colored nesting boxes.


Tool boxes, lunch boxes, music boxes, and treasure boxes are types of boxes.

“Bumpin’ Up and Down in My Little Red Wagon” (using tool box props)
Boxes, Boxes, Everywhere

We will explore various music boxes and choose songs to sing from our box collection.

Changes to the Environment

Our dramatic play area will feature a grocery store.  For art we will color and decorate boxes.  For sensory play we will explore a feely box.  We will build with sensory blocks in our construction area.  For small motor play we will work with handmade box games and manipulatives.  We will build with giant boxes for large motor play.

Special Notes