Parent post (newsletter)

Parent Post February 2019

Summer Survey Results

The results of the preliminary summer care survey have been tabulated and with responses for fewer than 25 children, Campus Child Center will be closed for the summer. Our last day of care will be May 31, 2019. We will reopen on Monday, August 26, 2019.

YoungStar Microgrant

As a five-star child center in the Wisconsin YoungStar program, Campus Child Center was eligible to receive a $1000 microgrant. We completed a Quality Improvement Plan and determined that purchasing new books for our center would be a great use of some of this money. We look forward to sharing the new books with the children!

Child Center Facebook Page

With several new families joining us for the spring semester, I thought this would be a great time to remind everyone of our closed Facebook page, open only to families of Child Center children who are currently enrolled. To be added to our Facebook page, search for UWL Campus Child Center Families and ask to join. This is a great place to see photos of the children in action at the center, share tips and tricks with other families, and learn more about parenting and family events in the area. We welcome your participation if you find something you'd like to share. All posts will be approved before being published on the Facebook page.

Comment Box

As a reminder, there is a comment box on the front counter. Please feel free to share any comments or suggestions. We appreciate your input and are also happy to talk with you in person.

Running Late? Not Coming In?

We realize that life with young children can be challenging and that you might be running late once in a while. If you will be arriving more than 30 minutes later than your contracted time, or you will not be bringing your child in at all, please call or email us to let us know. Our state licensing regulations require us to contact you if we do not hear from you, so please take a moment to keep us in the loop. If you know ahead of time that you will not be here or that you will be late, you may leave a note in the notebook in your child's classroom. 

Spring Break Sign Up

Campus Child Center will be open from 8-5 during the week of Spring Break (March 18-22). In order to make sure that we have enough staff and that we order enough food, there will be a sign up sheet on the front counter beginning the week of February 11th. Please sign up for care by Friday, March 1st to ensure staffing requirements are met.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held during the week of March 11th. This is a great opportunity for you to connect with your child's teacher for uninterrupted conversation about your child's development. Please check the front entry soon for the chance to sign up for a conference. We are looking forward to connecting with you!

Extra Clothing Supply

Please take a few minutes to check your child's locker to make sure your child has extra clothing here. Outdoor play in the winter often leaves us with wet socks and pants, so it is always nice to have something warm and dry to change into.

Toys From Home

Please encourage your child to leave toys from home at home or in the car. Toys from home are often things that children are very attached to and it can be very upsetting if they get lost or broken when they are here at the center. A favorite stuffed animal or "lovey" is always welcome and we are happy to read books from home.

Icy Playground

We want nothing more than to be able to take the children outside whenever the temperature allows (above 20 degrees for the toddlers, and above zero for the older children). Unfortunately with the recent warm spell, our playground is covered in ice and is not a very safe place to play right now. We will do our best to get outside as soon as we can!