Mentoring Information

The CEU mentoring program is an important part of the CEU student experience. Mentors should be graduate students or post docs in nuclear science with a willingness to share their experience with undergraduate students.

Mentor Expectations

As a mentor you are expected to:

  • Attend a quick meeting to explain the logistics of your duties
  • Attend the opening CEU meeting where you will be paired with 2-3 CEU students. Spend time getting to know them.
  • Plan and attend one session with your students or a group of talks. After the session discuss the talks with them. (Recommended)
  • Introduce them to a few people in the field (this can be a couple of graduate students or postdoc friends from your group).
  • Attend their poster.
  • Be a friendly face during the conference.

Mentor Application

Mentor Benefits

You will receive all the warm and fuzzy feelings that come with helping a young scientist find their way in the world. 

We also offer >free< ice cream. 

The 2018 conference introduced the mentor program.

  • 85% of mentors surveyed agreed the experience enhanced their own conference experience and 95% would recommend mentoring to other graduate students/post docs.
  • 90% of CEU students found interactions with their mentor helpful during the conference.

From 2018 CEU Students:

"She made the conference feel more accessible."
" .. It was nice to have another friendly face to see around the conference."
"My mentor was very helpful and encouraging. He stopped by my poster and gave me really good feedback. He was also very open to answering questions about grad school, which was awesome!"