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Conference Experience for Undergraduates (CEU)

A page within Conference Experience for Undergraduates (CEU)

Students give posters to the community.

CEU14 - Hawaii

The goal of Conference Experience for Undergraduates (CEU) is to provide a capstone conference experience for undergraduate students who have conducted research in nuclear science by providing them the opportunity to present their research to the larger professional community, explore the field of nuclear science research, and learn about the community. Additionally, it enables the students to converse with faculty and senior scientists from graduate institutions about graduate school opportunities.

The CEU began in 1998 by Warren Rogers and is held in conjunction with the fall Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP) meeting. It includes a poster session for the presentation of student research, in addition to several activities scheduled throughout the DNP meeting for the benefit of the participating undergraduates.

Acceptance into the program, travel and housing funding are awarded on a competitive basis. Priority may be given to junior and senior students and those who have not previously attended a CEU conference.

All undergraduate students are welcome to attend CEU events, however, only students accepted into the CEU program can present their research at the poster session. In 2019, an additional sorting category "undergraduate research" was added to the DNP submission page for students with advanced projects or those who wish to submit an abstract for an oral presentation.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Shelly Lesher.

From Students:

"The conference  was extremely helpful for me to get an idea of what the field of nuclear physics has to offer both in terms of the science and what a job in this field would look like. Additionally, meeting so many graduate students and professors from universities across the country allowed me to make many connections that would probably not have been possible otherwise. The environment of the conference was welcoming and everyone seemed very friendly, willing to listen to me about my work and keen on giving me ideas for where I can go next with my research." -- M.S. Univ. of Connecticut

In the Press

(December 2019) "A Place for Undergraduate Students in Nuclear Physics" by Leah Poffenberger in APS News web page

(March 2018) Physics Today article  about the success of the CEU program on the 20th anniversary   web page PhysicsToday_CEU_Article.pdf

(Dec 2018) CEU student C. Boyd offers advice:
Boyd, C. (2018). Duquesne Physics Takes over Waikoloa, Hawaii: What to Expect from National Conferences. D.U. Quark, 3(1).

(Jan 2017) CEU student Talha Rehman's article for the SPS on his experience at the event in Vancouver Rehman_SPS_Article.pdf


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