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Abstract Submission (APS) July 31 target date
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  and then withdraw your abstract at the APS Website you will need your abstract number found on your submission form.

CEU21 Application

Deadline: The target deadline for CEU21 is 31 July 2021. Please contact Dr. Shelly Lesher with any questions.

Qualification for CEU21

  • You must be  a returning undergraduate student as of Fall 2021
  • You have participated in experimental, computational, or theoretical nuclear science research

This is a two-step application process:

  1. Submit a research abstract through the American Physical Society's abstract submission process.
    1. This link should take you to the correct page. You will select the "2021 Fall Meeting of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics" as shown below.
    2. Starting 2018, the APS is using a new online abstract system. In order to access it you will have to create a new user account with the APS. The sorting category for CEU abstracts is 16. Please note that CEU only includes poster and not oral presentations. If you would like to submit an oral abstract please use the sorting category 17.
  2. Fill out the CEU Application (TBA) This application includes information about yourself, your specific contributions to the larger research group, and the title of the research abstract you submitted to the APS and the log number you receive from the APS.

To be considered for full financial assistance, you must have completed both of the above activities by the target date.

You will receive separate receipt confirmations from the APS (for item 1) and CEU (for item 2). If you apply after June 26 you might receive a "late submission" warning from the APS. Do not worry about this message. Regular APS abstracts are due June 26 and the late response is generated automatically. However, CEU applications and undergraduate oral abstracts are due 31 July 2021.

CEU financial assistance is awarded on a competitive basis, based on the criterion of project merit as judged by an independent review committee.

CEU Mentoring Form

If you are a graduate student or postdoc and would like to volunteer to be a CEU mentor please complete this form. Contact Shelly Lesher for more information.

CEU Participation Form

When you have made your travel plans please fill out CEU Registration form (a link will be provided in an email). This will allow you to register for the conference and reserve your hotel room (no hotel will be needed in a virtual meeting).

If you cannot participate in the CEU program please use this form to let us know you will not be attending.

The deadline for filling out the participation form is TBA. After this date you will lose your room reservation and all financial assistance.