Joint Committee on Free Speech Promotion (JCFSP)

Message from Chancellor Joe Gow (4/15/2019):

As you know, it is essential to promote free speech on our campus. Therefore, I am pleased to announce the creation of a new UWL Joint Committee on Free Speech Promotion (JCFSP). This committee, like our existing joint committees, will be composed of students, staff, and faculty representatives who are responsible for making recommendations regarding matters of importance to our campus community. Specifically, the JCFSP will be charged with creating an event (or events) to help our campus celebrate national Free Speech Week, which takes place each year during the third full week of October:

About Free Speech Week – Free Speech Week

What is Free Speech Week? Free Speech Week (FSW) is a yearly event to raise public awareness of the importance of freedom of speech and of the press in our democracy- and to celebrate that freedom.

I will be collaborating with our four campus governance groups—our Faculty and Student Senates, and our Academic and University Staff Councils—to appoint the members of the JCFSP. For now, though, please join me in thanking our Faculty Senate for recommending the creation of our newest joint committee. I hope everyone will agree that our Joint Committee on Free Speech Promotion represents an important addition to UWL's shared governance structure.

Best wishes,

Joe Gow, Chancellor