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Slide image Over 175 undergraduates engage in faculty-mentored research each year
Slide image Faculty and students publish over 80 peer-reviewed research articles annually
187,000 square feet               

-----36 state-of-the art instructional labs

-----23 labs for faculty-mentored student research New Prairie Springs Science Center 187,000 square feet -----36 state-of-the art instructional labs -----23 labs for faculty-mentored student research


CSH grads job placement rate or continuation on to graduate school


departments awarded the UW Regent's Excellence Award: Biology, Physics, Mathematics & Statistics


average pass rate in professional certification exams


of all UWL undergraduates have majors in CSH


average number of students in Prairie Springs Science Center laboratory classes


million in external grant funding annually are awarded to faculty and staff

FAQs from prospective students

What sets UWL apart from other schools? expanding section


Our smaller classes and caring faculty are the biggest reason to choose UWL. Students sometimes ask "how does ___ program compare to other programs?" Our faculty and curriculum across the span of majors are going to more than meet the needs of students. But, it's a two-way street! The students who put their heart into their studies and seek interactions with faculty will have a better experience and feel that their education was stellar. The relationships they form with the faculty will lead to further success beyond UWL. 

What is a good major for pre-physical therapy? expanding section

(Or pre-anything?) The best major is one that you excel in and interests you. Most professional programs first look at gpa, so grades in your chosen major (and the prerequisites for the professional program) are very important. If you enjoy the major, it should follow that you will perform better. That said, you will want to select a major that could also provide you with a career so you have a back-up option. 

What do you do with a major if you don't get in to your pre-professional program? expanding section

Often there are exciting careers available – see the Career Services links about occupations. Or, students may look to related health professions. They may pursue a second degree at UWL or another campus and might even look at a technical school for health professions programs.  

What is your acceptance rate to medical schools/health professions programs? expanding section

The answer to this is complicated, unfortunately. Purdue University has done a nice job of explaining the situation here. Regardless, UWL has a reputation for providing a strong framework for students' future success, both academically and professionally.

Our students end up at medical schools and graduate programs across the region (including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Medical College of Wisconsin, AT Still, Concordia) and nation (Utah, Washington, Wake Forest, Kansas State, Alabama, LSU, Nova, and many others).


I am not sure what to major in - where can I get help? expanding section

As you consider the best major for you, it will also be very important to consider your own talents, interests, and values. The Academic Advising Center (1140 Centennial hall) can assist you with career and major exploration. Also, talking about career options with faculty and staff, family members, friends, and mentors can be very helpful. Another good idea is to interview or shadow people doing the kind of work you think you’d like to do—most people are happy to help with this. Finally, become aware NOW about all the majors, minors, and other academic programs offered at UWL – UWL Academics page is one place to start.

Tell me more about ________(fill in the blank with any CSH major). expanding section

Consult the Major and Program Overview feature (Admissions Office site), department website, and/or contact the Department Chair for assistance. At the home page (uwlax.edu), you may enter the name of the program in the search field. Even better, consult the online catalog resources for the requirements, courses, program admission processes and a four-year sample schedule.  

What scholarships are available for a new student? expanding section

See Admissions website or UWL scholarship resource center. Watch the deadlines! The UWL scholarship deadline is Feb 1 for all students seeking scholarships for the following year. 

Where can I find more information on your pre-health programs? expanding section

The Pre-Health Center has information about different programs and provides: 

  • Comprehensive health professions information for students, faculty, and staff 
  • One on one and group academic and career advising with a focus on pre-health paths
  • Workshops and events for career exploration, grad school preparation, and application tips
  • Opportunities to explore, shadow, and network via our community partnerships
  • Instruction of Introduction to Health Professions, HP 106 (for credit)  

Department Highlight - Geography and Earth Science




What I love about the College of Science and Health

Laik Ruetten

Computer Science: Embedded Systems

"I feel valued here. Not only do I feel encouraged to talk with my professors, my professors reach out to talk with me!"

Madeline Brown

Biology: Biomedical Science - Pre-Medicine

"The one-on-one time with professors is invaluable. They are approachable, sincere, and their expectations of you are set high. I know that I am well-prepared for grad school—the challenge is rewarding"

Kyle Zerbian

Geography: Environmental Science

"Being a Geography major at UWL, I have gained knowledge, professionalism, and friendship that have led to tremendous personal growth over the past 4 years."