Sabbatical policy

The College of Science and Health (CSH) follows the University of Wisconsin System guidelines for faculty sabbaticals. All prospective applicants should read the UW System guidelines found at:

The following CSH guidelines are supplemental to the UW System guidelines, and define CSH-specific requirements/policies for sabbatical.

The College of Science and Health encourages the continued scholarly and professional development of faculty through sabbatical leave. Faculty applying for sabbatical leave should discuss their intentions with their respective departments in the spring term prior to the fall submission of the sabbatical proposal. Proposals for Faculty Sabbatical Leave must follow established UWL and UW-System protocol.

I. Funding

The College will make a good-faith effort to support departments with faculty on sabbatical leave. Faculty may receive full salary for one-semester sabbaticals or partial salary (0.65 FTE) for two-semester sabbaticals. Faculty with annual appointments may also receive one- or two-semester sabbaticals, though UW System policies do not allow sabbaticals to include summer leaves.

Mechanisms for temporary replacement of faculty on sabbatical leave should be discussed by the chair of the affected department(s) and the Dean of CSH prior to submission of the faculty leave proposal via a separate letter to the Dean of the college indicating how courses would be covered during the leave and what the associated department costs would be. This letter is to be sent directly to the Dean and should not be included in the sabbatical application. The applicant must have a separate letter of support from the department chair indicating the department's support of the sabbatical proposal. This second letter must be included in the sabbatical application.

College funds are not used to support travel and supplies. If additional funds are needed, faculty members are encouraged to submit a Faculty Development Grant Proposal and include it with the submission of the Faculty Sabbatical Leave Proposal to the Office of the Dean, CSH. A description of Faculty Development Grants and the proposal format may be found at

II. Review/Evaluation procedures

Proposals will be reviewed by a faculty committee consisting of one faculty member from each department of the CSH. Committee members will be selected by the chairperson of their respective department. Faculty applying for a sabbatical leave may not serve on the committee. An associate dean of CSH will serve as a non-voting member of the committee and will convene the committee.

The committee will evaluate each proposal based on the following criteria:

  1. Sabbatical should conform to any special criteria given by UW-System. Please see:
  2. Sabbatical project should enhance teaching, course and curriculum development and/or research or any other scholarly activities related to instructional programs within the field of expertise of the faculty member taking such leave.
  3. Sabbatical project should lead to results that are publishable in a reputable journal, in book form, or through other recognized peer reviewed forms of presentation and dissemination.
  4. Sabbatical project should demonstrate originality.
  5. Sabbatical length, schedule, and additional funds needed should be appropriate to accomplish sabbatical project objectives.
  6. Sabbatical proposal should be concise, well written, and clear.
  7. If the sabbatical project includes collaborative work with external partners, letters of recommendation/support from those external partners are essential.

The committee will rank the proposals and vote to recommend to the Dean that each proposal be approved or not approved. Recommendation to approve a proposal will require a simple majority of the voting members of the committee. Recommendation to not approve a proposal must include a statement of justification.

III. Application Deadlines

Proposals are due in the Office of the Dean, CSH, by September 15th. By October 15th each year, the faculty committee will submit to the Dean of CSH a list of the proposals along with the rank and recommendation for each proposal.