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Sabbatical Policy

The faculty sabbatical program is governed by UW System Administrative Policy 160. Refer to the UWL Provost Office Sabbatical Guidance website for further information regarding the following:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • Available sabbatical types
  • Sabbatical compensation
  • Considerations for grants and other awards for sabbatical activities
  • Additional considerations


The purpose of the sabbatical program is to enable recipients to be engaged in intensive study in order to become more effective teachers and scholars and to enhance their services to the university. This privilege is granted to faculty members on the merit of their past academic contributions.

College Procedures & Requirements

Application & Review Procedures

Deadline: Sabbatical applications are due via email to the Dean’s Office by the second Friday of September by 4:30 pm.


  1. Faculty intending to apply for sabbatical leave must discuss their intentions with their respective department chairs in the spring term prior to the fall application submission deadline.
  2. The Provost Office will announce a formal call for sabbatical leave applications for the next academic year in the spring semester of each year.
  3. A faculty member should complete all required sabbatical application materials (refer to the Application Content section for requirements) and submit the full application via email to the Dean’s Office by the above referenced submission deadline. Applicants are advised to review and strictly adhere to sabbatical application guidelines.
  4. The college’s sabbatical review committee will evaluate proposals. In CSH, this committee is comprised of one faculty member from each CSH department. Committee members are selected by their respective department chairs. Faculty applying for sabbatical leave may not serve on the committee. A CSH Associate Dean will serve as a non-voting and convening member of the committee.
  5. Proposals are evaluated according to the application guidelines and review criteria. General guidelines for sabbatical leave can be found on the UWL Provost Office Sabbatical Guidance website.
  6. The sabbatical review committee will review and rank applications. The committee will then vote on each proposal whether to recommend to the Dean it be approved or not approved. Recommendation to approve an application requires a simple majority of the voting committee members. Recommendation to not approve an application must include a statement of justification.
  7. After receiving committee recommendations, the Dean will forward the final list to the Provost.
  8. Final sabbatical decisions will be announced by the Dean no later than November 1.
  9. After initial acceptance of a sabbatical project, a faculty must inform the dean in writing of the following:
    1. Any changes in the proposed project. Substantial changes may be reported by the Dean to the college’s sabbatical review committee for possible reconsideration.
    2. Any additional funding received for sabbatical as soon as award notification is received.

Application Content

Submit the full application to the Dean’s Office via email prior to the submission deadline. Required content is as follows:

  1. Abstract of Project
  2. Introduction
  3. Project Description
  4. How the project meets UW System Sabbatical Guidelines (see provost website)
  5. How the project meets CSH Sabbatical Guidelines
  6. Estimated Budget (see application)
  7. References
  8. Board of Regents Abstract 
    1. Provide a 100-word maximum layperson summary of your proposed sabbatical activities.
    2. Sample abstracts 
  9. Letter of support from Chair
    1. Chair should ALSO submit separate letter to Dean indicating how courses will be covered during leave and associated department cost.
  10. Letter(s) of support from Collaborator(s)
  11. CV

Application Review Criteria

The sabbatical review committee will evaluate each application based on the following criteria:

  • Projects should align with UW System and UWL criteria. Refer to the UWL Provost Office Sabbatical Guidance website.
  • The project should enhance teaching, course and curriculum development, and/or research, creative, and/or other scholarly activities related to instructional programs within the faculty member’s field of expertise.
  • The project should lead to results that can be disseminated through a reputable journal, book form, teaching, or other recognized forms of presentation and dissemination.
  • The project should demonstrate originality.
  • The sabbatical length, schedule, and additional funds needed are appropriate to accomplish project objectives.
  • The proposed evaluation procedures are appropriate for the project.
  • Sabbatical proposal is concise, well-written, and clear.
  • If the project includes collaborative work with external partners, letters of recommendation/support from those partners are included in the application.

Application Resources

Examples of successful sabbatical applications:

Contact the Dean’s Office with any questions.

Grants & Other Awards for Sabbatical Activities

A faculty member may receive and is encouraged to seek supplementary grants or other awards while on sabbatical leave. Note sabbatical compensation is subject to certain restrictions and requirements addressed on the UWL Provost Office Sabbatical Guidance website.

Return from Sabbatical Leave

  1. A faculty member must return to UWL for at least one academic year of service after the termination of a sabbatical or repay any compensation (salary plus the university’s share of fringe benefits) received from UWL during the sabbatical.
  2. A faculty member must submit a written report to the Dean’s Office using the Sabbatical Reporting Form within three months of completing the sabbatical. The report should outline accomplishments achieved during the leave.

Sabbatical Forms

Sabbatical Application
Sabbatical Reporting Form