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Advice from Finance Majors

Monica Hubrich, May 2019 Graduate-Finance Major, Economics Second Major

“Make sure you get involved with something, whatever it is, to make connections with other people. I also strongly encourage asking lots of questions to different people along your academic journey to really get a feel for what type of job you are looking for."

Bailey Valencia, May 2019 Graduate-Finance Major, Healthcare Analytics Management Minor 

"Finance majors in their first year(s) should make sure they are understanding the principles/processes well before attempting to apply them to situations. What I wish I would have known as a freshman Finance major, I wish I would have known how many resources are available from Murphy Library in terms of financial literature (Wall Street Journal access for example)."

Taylor Greening, May 2019 Graduate-Finance Major, Management Second Major

"Take advantage of experiences and opportunities outside of the classroom. Internships, job shadowing, and simply talking to people in the financial industry will help you tremendously.”

Department Chair

Peter Haried  Profile of Peter Haried  Meet with me  Office hours

241 Wing Technology Center

Specialty areas:

Information Systems Project Management, Offshoring, Outsourcing, Online Fantasy Sports, Health Information Systems Acceptance

Finance Department Associate

Amy Sloan  Profile of Amy Sloan  Office hours

Academic Department Associate
Wittich Hall

Department people

Nilakshi Borah  Profile of Nilakshi Borah  Office hours

Associate Professor
3128 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Corporate Finance

Yuree Lim  Profile of Yuree Lim  Office hours

Assistant Professor
3136 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Corporate Finance, Investments

Shiang Liu  Profile of Shiang Liu  Office hours

Assistant Professor
3140 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Corporate Finance

Shishir Paudel  Profile of Shishir Paudel  Meet with me  Office hours

Assistant Professor
3138 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing

Adam Stivers  Profile of Adam Stivers  Meet with me  Office hours

Assistant Professor
3132 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Investments, asset pricing, behavioral finance

Diana Tempski  Profile of Diana Tempski  Office hours

Teaching Professor
3130 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Corporate Finance

Ming Tsang  Profile of Ming Tsang  Meet with me  Office hours

Assistant Professor
3134 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty

Behavioral and Experimental Finance

Changyu Yang  Profile of Changyu Yang

Assistant Professor
3144 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Asset Pricing

Faculty emeriti

Thomas Aiuppa

Robert Carney

Bill Colclough

Lise Graham

Dianne Morrison

Robert Wolf

Alum Marc Gall

Life lessons, good investments and giving back

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