Water Source/Usage Utility Data

On this page, you will find utility cost data for buildings on campus. To lend transparency to our conservation efforts, we make this data available to all.

While not reflected in these pages, the university does work with the State of Wisconsin to coordinate the purchase of electricity generated from renewable resources.  Wisconsin Statute 16.75(12)(b)(1) requires that all State facilities, which includes UW-L, purchase at least 10% renewable electric energy by December 31, 2007.  This renewable electrical energy requirement increases to at least 20% by December 31, 2011.

The other links are to past water quality reports from our water supplier, the City of La Crosse. We post these links to provide solid numbers that quantify the high quality of  our local water supply. UW-La Crosse encourages use of reusable drinking water containers.  In general, purchasing bottled water  is unnecessary: oil is used to make the plastic bottles, gasoline is used in transporting them multiple times before they reach the consumer, and the cost is thousands of times higher than tap water.

Utility Data

City of La Crosse Water Quality Reports