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Custodial Services

A page within Facilities Management

Contact Information:
Room 10 Graff Main Hall

Phone: 608.785-8593

Office Hours:
7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday

The Custodial Services department is responsible for the cleanliness of all interior areas of the campus, excluding student centers and Residence Halls. Custodial personnel are assigned to one (1) of three (3) shifts depending upon the activities and hours of operation for their designated area(s). Most of the custodians are assigned specific areas and are responsible for the types of routine and special cleaning required by that area. A "floater" crew consists of a small group of custodians assigned primarily to perform the duties of custodians who are unable to report to work and, when not required to perform stand-in duties, are responsible for performing special cleaning activities in accordance with a predetermined schedule. This department is also responsible for trucking and moving other departments' furniture and equipment from one location to another as required. A five "working day" lead time is required on move requests and depending on the purpose of the move, relocation assistance may result in a chargeback to the department.

General information

Faculty/staff members should assume reasonable responsibility for neat, safe, and comfortable classroom conditions and care of furniture and equipment used by students. Whiteboards, chalkboards and desks should be cleared for the next instructor when rooms are shared.

Custodial services such as emptying of wastebaskets, sweeping, and dusting are scheduled on a daily basis during the academic semesters but may be affected by availability of staff and project work.

Custodian supplies order form


Ryan Ray  Profile of Ryan Ray

Custodial Services Pgrm Manager
10 Graff Main Hall

Support staff

Richard Moilien  Profile of Richard Moilien

Custodial Services Supervisor
10 Graff Main Hall

David Pohnl  Profile of David Pohnl

Custodial Services Supervisor
10 Graff Main Hall

Kou Vue  Profile of Kou Vue

Custodial Services Supervisor
Graff Main Hall