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Financial assistance for graduate students

Application Fee Assistance expanding section

UWL will pay the graduate school application fee for McNair Scholars.  To receive this benefit, request an application fee payment form from your undergraduate McNair Scholars contact or download a copy.

When completing the UW System application, simply skip the application fee payment section.  Completed fee forms should be emailed directly to UWL Graduate Admissions admissions@uwlax.edu or mailed to the address below.  Once we receive your form, your application will be updated in our system to confirm the payment requirement has been completed.

Graduate Admissions Office
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

Advanced Opportunity Program (AOP) expanding section

AOP Grants recognize strong academic achievement and potential among newly admitted or continuing students who show financial need. These grants provide graduate tuition support for eligible Wisconsin residents from traditionally underrepresented minority and non-minority groups (African American, American Indian, Latinx, designated Southeast Asian) and/or economically disadvantaged students in advanced degree programs.  AOP awards are competitive and need-based (FAFSA required). 

We know the COVID-19 pandemic has put additional burdens on many of our applicants and students. This strengthens our commitment to financially supporting students who want to pursue graduate study. 

Institutional Award priority:          

  1. WI residents, full-time, and on-campus
  2. WI residents, part-time, and on-campus
  3. WI residents, online

AOP applications will be accepted starting in October of each academic year and evaluated in March; notifications of awards will be sent by late March. Contact Graduate Studies for more information.

Graduate Assistantships - Physical Education Teaching expanding section

Graduate Assistantships

There are several types of assistantships offered in the Graduate Physical Education Teaching  program:

  1. Activity Course Teaching: Teaching physical education elective courses to college students, First Aid/CPR courses, and/or assist with freshman level Healthy Lifestyle general education required course.
  2. Teaching Elementary/Secondary Physical Education: Plan and implement developmental instructional program in local elementary schools, and assist university faculty with clinical supervision of undergraduate physical education teaching majors. Must possess current physical education teaching certification by starting date of assistantship (mid August). Only students in the Physical Education Teaching program are eligible for these positions.
  3. Adventure Education: Teaching adventure education & outdoor pursuits is the ESS activity program. Courses could include rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, mountain biking, etc. Additional duties would include facilitating challenge course experiences, indoor rocking experiences for community groups and First Flight programming. For more information on adventure education assistantships please contact Dr. Jenna Starck.
  4. Adapted Physical Education: Several assistantships are available for graduate students admitted to the Adapted Physical Education Concentration. Please contact Dr. Brock McMullen for more information about APE assistantships. You can also use the following link to learn more about Funding opportunities available for APE Graduate Students.

Please follow this link to download a Graduate Assistantship Application

GAs are eligible for health insurance benefits.  For more information, view the benefits at a glance and contact UWL Human Resources with questions.

Contact Dr. Brock McMullen for more information on available assistantships or for details on the tuition waivers and/or cash stipends which may come with assistantships. 

Fellowships and Assistantships - Adapted Physical Education expanding section

Our program provides financial assistance in the form of APE fellowships and graduate assistantships to qualified students who are enrolled full-time in either the on-campus academic year or summer only programs.  These funded students must also make a commitment to teach APE for a specified length of time after their academic program completion.  This “Service Agreement” is part of an obligation to the United States Department of Education – Office of Special Education Programs which provides our grant funds for APE graduate student fellowships.  Admitted students who accept financial assistance, are asked to sign a service obligation agreement and with the understanding that funds will need to be paid back if the student fails to meet the APE teaching requirements in the several years following the degree program completion. 

Please note:  Applicants for APE Fellowships and assistantships must be certified to teach physical education upon acceptance into the program. Non-certified students are not eligible for APE Fellowship funding.

All financial assistance is dependent upon a student’s successful academic and practicum performances, and on availability of funding from the U.S. Department of Education.

Nonfunded Students.   Not all students enrolled in our APE graduate program receive financial assistance.  In addition to fellowship recipients, we have nonfunded students pursuing their degrees during the academic year and/or summer sessions on a part- or full-time basis.

Non-Resident Tuition Waivers expanding section

Non-resident tuition waivers are available for students in many UWL graduate programs. They recognize strong academic achievement and potential among newly admitted or continuing graduate students who are non-residents for tuition purposes.  If you are considering applying to UWL, please contact your program's graduate program director ASAP for more information.

All students, including those who receive non-resident tuition waivers, must pay in-state tuition and fees.

Note: Minnesota residents may qualify for lower than regular non-resident tuition rates at UW-La Crosse, due to the reciprocity agreement between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Information about how to apply is available on the Financial Aid Office's Minnesota reciprocity webpage. If you are starting in the summer, apply for reciprocity for both the current and the upcoming school year. 

Scholarships expanding section

All students are encouraged to apply for scholarships. Numerous scholarship opportunities are available for graduate students through the UWL Foundation. Some scholarships have an application deadline of February 1st or later (please review to determine dates). 

In addition, students should take advantage of the UWL Scholarship Resource Center.  The center maintains an extensive database of private scholarships and other scholarship resources.

We are actively seeking scholarship funding for program students. Updates will be provided here. Please check back regularly or let us know you are interested by completing our graduate inquiry form.

Veteran Benefits expanding section

UWL has a dedicated office for veteran services to help navigate the process of transitioning from military to university life.  This office is also a great resource for financial information related to veteran educational benefits. Visit the Veteran Services website for more detailed information

Federal Education Loans expanding section

Graduate students may have eligibility to borrow under the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and/or the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan programs to assist with the cost of their attendance. Both programs require a completed FAFSA.  While UWL encourages students to only borrow ‘what they need’, loans are available to ease the burden of paying for graduate education and can be a worthwhile investment. Visit the Financial Aid website for more detailed information.

Private Student Loans expanding section

Students who need additional funds for education, beyond what was awarded on their financial aid award letter, might consider a private student loan. These loans are private educational loans from a lender and are not guaranteed by the federal government. Approval of a private student loan is based on creditworthiness. Most students will require a co-signer.

Employee Educational Assistance Program expanding section

UWL employees should inquire about the possibility of the Employee Educational Assistance Program covering parts of tuition. Employees must be in at least 0.50 FTE positions. Graduate assistants are not covered by this policy. 

Emergency Resources expanding section

The Office of Student Life has compiled a wide range of resources related to supporting students facing financial difficulties and other challenges. Many of these apply most directly to on-campus students. There are also emergency funds available to support students impacted by COVID-19, whether they are enrolled in on-campus, online, or hybrid programs.