Your HR Contacts

Non-Academic Departments

Carri O'Melia  Profile of Carri O'Melia

Human Resources Partner, Snr
144 Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

HR in Administration & Finance, Diversity & Inclusion, Student Affairs, and University Advancement.

Academic Departments

Shannon Miller  Profile of Shannon Miller

Human Resources Partner, Snr
144 Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

HR Partner for Academic Affairs.   Human Resources, Ethical Leadership, Paralegal Studies, and Management Studies.

COVID-19 and Your Employment

Policies, procedures, and expectations related to workplace safety and our return to campus continue to change as new information comes to light, and as Public Health Guidelines change.  The COVID-19 Workplace Health & Safety Policy will be updated as needed. You may continue to learn more in real-time as information becomes available at the university's COVID-19 Information page

Chair and Supervisor Support Network

If you are a department chair or work unit supervisor, please visit the Chair and Supervisor Support page.

Employee Resources

Additional Resources

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