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Benefits & wellness resources

A page within Human Resources

Benefits at a Glance

Below is a brief description of the benefits offered at UW-La Crosse. Click the heading for more information including eligibility, plan costs, etc. Some benefits programs offered at UW-La Crosse vary slightly based on employee type. It is helpful to know your appointment percentage and employee type to make the best use of these benefits information.

Important Information About Your Benefits

The University of Wisconsin (UW) System offers a comprehensive benefits package to meet the diverse needs of our community. The University contributes towards the cost of several benefit plans. This is a valuable piece of employees' total rewards package. Other plans offer favorable group rates and convenient payroll deductions to employees. Some health and life insurance premiums are taken from salary on a pre-tax basis, saving employees money.

Employee benefits are associated with the position type, length of appointment, and other factors, such as previous service. The benefits associated with the position to which you applied are located in the "Miscellaneous Information" section of the posting. 

Learn more about the benefits offered at UW-La Crosse. 

Last modified: 09/23/2021

Medical, dental, and vision insurance

State Group Health Insurance offers comprehensive medical and prescription drug coverage to eligible employees and their family members. The State Group Health Insurance program offers four plan designs to select from. Pharmacy benefits are included in each plan design at no additional cost. Uniform Dental benefits may be added on for a minimal cost. Some WRS-eligible employees may also be eligible for an opt-out incentive if they choose not to enroll in state group life.

Delta Dental  The Uniform Dental Insurance is available to you if you enroll in State Group Health Insurance.  Whereas, the Preventive Dental Insurance plan is available to you if you waive State Group Health Insurance or select the Health Opt-Out Incentive.

Both the Uniform Dental and Preventive Dental plans cover diagnostic, preventive and basic dental services. Supplemental Dental Insurance plans are available (regardless of whether you enroll in State Group Health Insurance) to cover major and restorative (such as fillings) dental services.

DeltaVision (EyeMed) Vision Insurance is a supplemental vision plan. Benefits include one vision examination and one set of corrective lenses per calendar year and one set of frames every other calendar year.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) are voluntary programs that allow you to establish accounts to reimburse certain expenses, including medical, dental, and child care expenses. These accounts allow for pre-tax payroll savings.

Federal Health Insurance Marketplace (or Exchange) is an option for individuals to obtain private health insurance. The UW System is required to provide all employees with a notice of the availability of the Health Insurance Marketplace. In addition to information about the Health Insurance Marketplace, the Notice also includes required information on health insurance coverage available through your employment at the UW System. Please take a few moments to review your Marketplace Notice.

Last modified: 02/27/2024

Life, disability, and accident insurance

State Group LifeIndividual and Family Group Life, and UW Employees, Inc. Life are the three voluntary life insurance plans available to most UW-La Crosse employees.  Each has a unique premium/coverage table based on age and/or income.

University Insurance Association (UIA) Life is a life insurance program that carries one annual deduction and is mandatory for those faculty and academic staff employees who qualify.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) is voluntary coverage that pays benefits for accidental death or dismemberment injuries.

Accident Insurance offers coverage in the case of an accident for you, your spouse and/or eligible child(ren). The plan provides a cash payment to help pay out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an accident. The plan also includes an accidental death & dismemberment benefit.

Income Continuation Insurance (ICI) is a voluntary disability insurance program that provides you with income while you are temporarily or permanently unable to work due to short- and long-term disabilities.  Premiums are based on salary and university contribution to premiums is dependent upon waiting period selected (faculty and academic staff) and accumulated sick leave balance (university staff). 

Last modified: 02/27/2024

Retirement & savings plans

Detailed information about retirement and savings programs available to UW-La Crosse employees can be found by clicking the headings below.

Are you an employee looking to retire? Refer to UW System website for specific information on benefits at retirement.

Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)

The WRS provides retirement (pension) benefits to most UW System and other Wisconsin state employees. WRS eligible employees will have automatic contributions deducted pre-tax from their earnings.

UW 403b Supplemental Retirement Program

The UW 403b Supplemental Retirement Program (SRP) allows employees to invest a portion of their income for retirement on either a before-tax basis, an after-tax (Roth) basis, or a combination of both.  Participation in the UW 403b SRP is voluntary with employees making the entire contribution; there is no employer match.

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program (WDC)

The WDC is an optional supplemental retirement savings program administered by the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF). All university employees, including students and graduate assistants are eligible to participate, regardless of appointment percentage.

Social Security and Medicare

All employees except most student employees are covered by social security and medicare and will be automatically taxed for these benefits.

Edvest College Savings Plan

Edvest allows individuals to save for their child's college education. Contributions to Edvest cannot be made through payroll deduction.

Last modified: 02/27/2024

Leave benefits

UW-La Crosse offers a variety of paid leave including sick leave, personal holiday, legal holiday, and vacation to eligible employees. Leave time allocated is dependent upon employee type and appointment percentage. For more information about leave time feel free to contact Human Resources. 

Last modified: 07/20/2017

Other benefits

Employee Assistance Program offers free counseling sessions for employees.

Parking permits for commuter lots are available to employees and can be purchased with pre-tax payroll deductions.

U-Pass allows employees to purchase an annual MTU bus pass with pre-tax payroll deductions.

The LifeSuite program offers travel assistance, legal services, beneficiary financial counseling, and legacy planning services to all active, WRS-eligible, State of Wisconsin employees. The program is free of charge and no enrollment is required.

Employee education assistance allows eligible employees to apply to receive reimbursement for one job-related or career-related course per term.

Edvest college savings plan allows you to save for your child's college education (payroll deduction not available).

Last modified: 07/17/2020

Benefits and Wellness Additional Resources

Detailed benefit summary guide - printable
Resources, links, and wellness
Benefit vendor contacts

Health Insurance Providers

State Group Health insurance

State Group Health Prescription Drug Coverage 

  • Navitus, 1-866-333-2757
  • Prescription mail order benefit: Serve You, 1-800-481-4940

Life Insurance Providers

Securian Plans (formerly known as Minnesota Life)

State Group Life, 1-866-295-8690 (ETF Administrator)

Individual & Family Life, 1-866-295-8690, policy number 32871-G

UW Employees, Inc., 1-866-295-8690, policy number 33977-G

University Insurance Association (UIA), 1-866-295-8690, policy number 32872-G

Zurich Plan

Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Zurich, 1-800-382-2150, policy number GTU8364005

Dental Provider

Uniform & Supplemental Dental Plans

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provider

You, or a member of your household, may contact Acentra Health for services by calling (833) 539-7285, (TTY:(877) 334-0489), (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

FSA and HSA Provider

Optum Financial, customer service: 833-881-8158

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for Medical and/or Dependent Care
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) for high deductible health plan subscribers
  • Limited Flexible Spending Account (LFSA) for high deductible health plan subscribers

Vision Insurance Provider

DeltaVision, EyeMed Network

Disability Benefit Providers

Income Continuation Insurance (ICI)

  • The Hartford (Claims Processing), 1-800-960-0052
  • Employee Trust Funds (Administrator), 1-877-533-5020, fax: 608-267-4549

WRS Disability Retirement

Financial Planning Services

Long Term Care Insurance, ETF in conjunction with HealthChoice/Mutual of Omaha 1-800-833-5823


Retirement investment plans

Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)

403b Supplemental Retirement Program

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation 457(b) program

Last modified: 02/27/2024


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact: