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There are digital signs in Whitney Center and the Student Union for the purpose of activities and event advertising, These signs are maintained by University Centers. Digital signs have replaced table tent publicity at Whitney Center and the Student Union. Please encourage students and staff to utilize these for campus publicity.

To submit a digital sign to Whitney & The U, email the slide to

Learn more about Campus Publicity Guidelines here


Digital Sign Basics expanding section

All publicity should include the name of the sponsoring organization, or department.

If using PowerPoint to create your slide use 20" wide x 11.25" high page setup to scale your slide to fit the wide format of the monitors with enough resolution.

If using another design editor to create your slide use the 20" x 11.25" dimensions or 1920 x 1080 pixels with a minimum 150 dpi resolution as a JPEG or PNG file.

Keep your slide easy to read with good contrast between the slide background and the text. Each slide is up for only 10 seconds so make sure those viewing your slide can read your information in that time.

The slide can remain on TV Monitors for 5-10 days depending on the number of slides currently in the rotation.

To comply with Digital Sign Publicity Guidelines and Requirements, please check carefully for content, name of sponsoring organization or department, and typos, prior to submitting your slide.

Digital sign publicity guidelines & requirements expanding section

Campus digital signs are designed to provide the University community with information that will enhance the educational environment with information that leads to greater affiliation, cultural awareness and educational opportunities.

  • Publicity must be for activities or events open to the campus community or for information that enhances the educational campus environment.
  • Publicity concerning individual academic courses is not eligible for display on the campus-wide digital signs.
  • All publicity must feature the event being advertised. The event title must be visually prominent in comparison to non-university or commercial logos, pictures, etc. advertising other products.
  • Publicity for individual academic courses is not eligible for display on the digital signs.
  • Any publicity that may go against the educational mission of the university (i.e. racist, degrading, and/or potentially offensive) is not allowed.
  • Advertising of alcohol or drug related sponsors is not allowed.
  • Publicity that encourages the abuse or excessive consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
  • The name of the sponsoring university organization, department or business must appear on publicity.
  • All publicity should contain the date, time, and location of the event, and any other descriptive information.

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