Childcare and Caregiver Support


Read Chancellor Gow's introduction to the Childcare and Caregiver Resources website.

The pandemic has impacted caregivers and parents within the campus community.  This page is dedicated to provide resources and guidance on caregiving support.

Please note that every situation is going to vary. Consult with HR regarding requests and concerns regarding flexibility in work arrangements.  

Caregiver Support Webinar Event

Human Resources will be hosting The Parenting Place for a webinar on childcare obligations and managing work during COVID-19.  The Webinar is available for all employees on October 2, 2020, at 10:00 AM, streaming here: 

Chairs/Supervisors: View the entire training provided on September 22, 2020 from the Parenting Place.

Resources for Employees

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*These links take you to the university's Employee Assistance Program (providing employees access to resources including support for emotional, financial, or legal assistance - and more).  These links require a username to be entered, it is SOWI.

**Career Services has created a "classifieds" advertisement section for employees to post for possible caregiving positions to which student's can apply.

Last modified: 12/30/2020

Resources for Chairs/Supervisors

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Consult with Human Resources for additional guidance and strategies to help support employees through COVID-19 closures.

HR recommends:

  • Continue with virtual meetings/check-ins. If not possible and in-person meetings occur, offer the option for employees to teleconference into the meeting.
  • Consider - and be flexible with - an employee's request for working remotely or schedule flexibility.  Some positions may have the ability to support remote work - others may not and leave options can be explored.
  • Consider workload implications before the assignment to an employee. Consider delaying if not an essential project.
  • Supervisors should be aware of gender and other inequities caused by the pandemic and work to minimize.

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