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Climbing Wall

UWL's Climbing Wall simulates a variety of rock formations and utilizes hundreds of moveable hand and foot holds to provide participants a fun mental and physical challenge. The climbing wall is located in the Recreational Eagle Center,  has 4 auto belasy and all essential climbing gear is available at no charge (includes: harnesses, belay devices, climbing ropes and shoes).

Daily Guest Pass

Current Guest Pass Costs

Guests who are sponsored by a current student or REC member are eligible to utilize the entire facility.  

Climbing pass holders are only eligible to sponsor climbers.

 Climbing Pass (Monthly / Semester)

Valid for access to the climbing wall during open climb times and includes equipment rental.   

INDIVIDUAL (minimum age 16)

  Monthly Semester
Student (Non-UWL) $30 $60
Alumni Association Member* $30 $60
Military $30 $60
General Public $40 $80

 +$5 card fee 

*must present current UWL alumni association member card

Legal parent/guardian must be a current climbing pass holder.  Any child under 16 years of age must be accompanied by their legal parent/guardian at all times

                                        Monthly   Semester

One Child                        $10          $20
Each Additional              $5            $10

+$5 card deposit  

Current UWL Students do not need a climbing pass.  Access to the climbing wall is included in the Rec Sports student fees. 


BECOME A ROCK STAR - learn to climb classes

 The REC WALL offers 4 different classes to help introduce and improve climbing skills for the beginner and intermediate climber. 

1. INTRODUCTION TO BELAYING CLASS FREE sign up Students are taught how to put on a harness, tie the Figure 8 follow-through knot and properly perform the PLUS (Pull, Lock, Under, Slide) belay technique. On Belay! Belay's On! What is belaying? The process of securing and safeguarding a climber by using a rope and belay device to hold the climber's weight if he falls. The ascending climber and the belayer, or the person holding the rope through a belay device, are a team that is linked together by the rope. Belaying is an important part of the climbing chain of safety and one of the most important skills that any novice climber must master to become a safe climber. -from Who should attend: Any person who wants to belay other climbers indoors or out

2. FIGHTING GRAVITY CLASS "Are you looking to jump-start your climbing ability? Want to learn more about rock climbing techniques that will improve your balance and strength? Then sign up for the Fighting Gravity Class brought to you by the UWL Climbing Wall! This introductory class will teach you the basic climbing fundamentals from footwork to body positioning, to handgrip, and balance. This class will help you master all these techniques on a variety of terrain to be used for both bouldering and rope climbing. So if you are interested in becoming a well-rounded climber or seek personal training to just pull down harder, then this is the class for you!" Who should attend: beginner climbers and those starting to really get into the sport

3. FIGHTING ADVANCED GRAVITY CLASS "Alright gym rats, I know you've been looking for a class to overcome that plateau you been stuck on. This advanced-level rock climbing movement class is for the experienced climber who wants to see immediate gains in their climbing performance. This class will focus on advanced-level techniques that will dial in your technique on the rock. So if you want to have precise footwork, incredible body position and movements, the ability to onsight more difficult routes, and learn other advanced techniques like heel hooking, toe hooking, twist locking, and drop knees, then enroll in the Fighting Advanced Gravity Class to receive experienced coaching and motivation to help you reach your highest climbing potential. Who should attend: Climbers who can climb V2 / 510 or greater

Route Setting 101 An Orientation to Route Setting, FREE Route setting is an art that takes time and experience to master. This orientation clinic is a mandatory first step for all students who want to try their hand at setting routes in the REC Wall. We'll discuss basic procedures, hold and bolt selection, taping etc. Then you'll get a chance to create your first route and get it evaluated.