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Theatre & Dance

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Whether you're interested in Theatre or Dance as a major, minor, or an extra-curricular activity, we have an invigorated and fresh program.

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Undergraduate programs


Undergrad major Undergrad minor

Theatre involves using live performers to present a story — real or imagined — in front of an audience. Theatre is a broad field with many avenues to pursue whether on stage or behind the scenes.

Areas of study

Arts Administration Emphasis

The Arts Administration emphasis prepares students for leadership roles in theatre, dance, opera, and other arts organizations. Students will gain an understanding of the organizational structure and legal requirements of nonprofit organizations, along with hands-on projects in marketing, fundraising, and financial management.

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Design/Technical Emphasis

The Design & Technology emphasis allows students to specialize in a single area or to become well-versed in multiple aspects of theatre production. Areas of specialization include scenery, costumes, lighting, sound, and technical direction. Students will learn both in the classroom and through hands-on experiences in the shops and on productions.

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General Emphasis

This emphasis allows students to experience every aspect of theatre including acting, design, management, history, and directing. Students combine classroom study and practicum activities in a range of topics.

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Musical Theatre Emphasis

We combine the best theatrical training with solid musical technique in the Musical Theatre emphasis. This competitive program requires an audition, rewarding students with an array of classes in theory and technique. It combines acting, voice, and dance classes with multiple production opportunities, enabling students to develop their "triple threat” potential.

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Performance Emphasis

Solid training in acting, voice, and movement will prepare you for a career in theatre, film or television. The Performance emphasis is complemented by a background in literature and history, as well as elective courses from all areas of theatre to create a well-rounded professional.

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Stage Management Emphasis

Students will focus on both the art and craft of stage management, refining their skills in personnel management, communication, blocking, cue calling, paperwork and more. Stage management courses are complemented by courses in lighting, sound, and directing, and paired with assignments on department productions.

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Undergrad minor

The minor begins with entry-level technique courses such as ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and musical theatre. It progresses to more advanced technique courses, as well as additional courses including foundations of dance, dance history, composition and improvisation. Dance minors will have opportunities to perform, work with guest artists and present their own choreography.

Featured courses

  • Ballet Dance I
    THA 227 | 2 credits
    This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of ballet techniques and styles. As a technique, ballet focuses on grace and fluidity while strengthening control and body awareness. Through physical practice, this course focuses on beginner level technique, vocabulary, coordination, movement retention, and musicality. Emphasis is placed on proper alignment and technique for injury prevention. Lect. 1, Studio 2. Offered Fall - Even Numbered Years.
  • History of Music Theatre
    THA 304 | 3 credits
    A survey of music theatre history and literature from origins to the present and its effect on popular culture, this course provides an understanding of the development of music theatre into the present day. Particular attention is given to the writers and composers who greatly influenced and/or continue to influence the development of this art form. Prerequisite: ENG 110 or ENG 112. Offered Spring - Odd Numbered Years.
  • Dance Improvisation
    THA 311 | 2 credits
    This course is the exploration of improvised movement through exercises and fundamentals. Through physical practice, students learn how to create movement in the moment and connect that movement to ideas, sounds, or concepts. By understanding the tools for movement generation, this introductory experience of dance improvisation works as a skill for developing the core conceptual elements of dance composition. Focus is placed on personal aesthetic and individuality. Prior dance training is not required. Lect. 1, Studio 2. Offered Spring - Odd Numbered Years.
  • Dramatic Literature and Theatre Arts
    THA 201 | 3 credits
    From text to theatre, how does dramatic literature translate into live performance? To read plays is but one aspect of the art of drama. To create a theatrical performance from a playscript is to appreciate the full artistic potential of dramatic literature. International and multicultural theatre ranging from the classical to the contemporary will be the basis for explorations into the significance and beauty of the dramatic arts. An interdisciplinary approach in both content and method will be used as the dramatic literature is considered in the context of history and culture, literature and art. Offered Fall.
  • Stage Makeup
    THA 241 | 3 credits
    The theory and practice of the fundamentals of painted theatrical makeup, including various theatrical makeup materials and their applications. The course relies heavily on the imagination and creative skills of the student and includes research in physical analysis, character analysis, and color theory. Each student serves as the makeup designer for all projects in this course. Repeatable for credit - maximum six. Offered Fall - Even Numbered Years.
  • Voice and Movement for the Stage
    THA 222 | 3 credits
    The course examines the theory and practice of the fundamentals of movement, gesture, and vocal production to serve as skillful and expressive means of communication on stage. The emphasis is on the student's awareness of the relationship between voice and body as the foundation of theatrical performance. Offered Fall.
  • Costume Crafts
    THA 232 | 3 credits
    Theory and practice of basic costume construction. Emphasis on the construction of stage costumes and accessories, including, but not limited to, basic pattern adaptation, millinery techniques, costume jewelry techniques and mask construction. Prerequisite: THA 210 for theatre majors and minors. Offered Spring - Even Numbered Years.
  • Acting II: Characterization
    THA 320 | 3 credits
    Theory and practice of realistic acting techniques and textual analysis in the development of characterization. Monologues and scenes from realistic drama to be performed. Prerequisite: THA 220. Offered Fall.
  • Scene Painting
    THA 330 | 3 credits
    Theory and practice of scene painting techniques for the theatre. By studying theories utilized by professional scenic artists, students will learn to interpret a designer's rendering or scaled elevation. Practical exercises will introduce students to the techniques necessary to reproduce the aesthetics of designer's renderings or scaled elevations as actual scenic pieces. Offered Fall - Even Numbered Years.
  • Theatre Technology
    THA 331 | 3 credits
    The research and application of current technology in the theatre, including the exploration of new materials and construction techniques. The course will include an introduction to computer-Assisted drafting and design, the operation and maintenance of new technologies in the theatre facility, and the examination of health, safety, and liability issues. Prerequisite: THA 210, THA 231. Offered Fall - Even Numbered Years.
  • Sound Design
    THA 342 | 3 credits
    The course provides the student with a working knowledge of sound design for theatre. It emphasizes the creation of sound environments for theatre through the use of modern digital and physical sound technology. The course also covers basic acoustics through the lens of theatrical sound. Prerequisite: THA 210. Offered Spring - Odd Numbered Years.
  • Directing
    THA 420 | 3 credits
    This course introduces students to the theory and practice of directing for the stage. Emphasis is placed on analysis, production preparation, rehearsal techniques, and ethnical collaboration for the presentation of realistic dramatic scenes. Prerequisite: THA 210; THA 220; THA 250 or THA 350. Offered Spring - Odd Numbered Years.
  • Costume Design/History
    THA 440 | 3 credits
    A course in the principles and practices of designing stage costumes. Emphasis on the creative capabilities of the designer with a working knowledge of historical periods used in stage costuming. Prerequisite: THA 210. Offered Spring - Odd Numbered Years.