Performance evaluations for FY20 delayed

Annually, Human Resources helps coordinate the Performance Management process by reminding supervisor that annual performance evaluations in FY21 for Limited, Non-Instructional Academic Staff and University Staff are due on June 30.  In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, HR will be pushing this deadline back to September 30, 2020.  Supervisors are encouraged to continue to provide feedback, coaching, and evaluation of employees through the remote work period.  For advice or support, please contact your respective Human Resource Partner

Reference: April 6, 2020 Email to Campus

e-performance management

UWL Human Resources will begin replacing the paper-based performance evaluation process for Academic Staff, Instructional Academic Staff, Limited, and University Staff appointees. The paper-based forms will be transitioned to an e-performance platform located in HRS so that performance documents can be completed digitally. More information will be communicated at a later date about the deployment. Learn more.

Performance appraisals

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is committed to providing a performance appraisal system for all academic staff, and university staff employees. Also included on this webpage are resources for faculty retention, merit review, and post-tenure review.

The method to document position expectations and results is accomplished through a performance appraisal process in which employees are evaluated against duties and responsibilities outlined in their job descriptions and goals/expectations. Appraisals are conducted through a framework and rating criteria which are published either on the Human Resources web-page or embedded in the by-laws of the department.  

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse has adopted the philosophy that all performance management requires a holistic approach, involving the development of consistent feedback between the employee and their supervisor or department chair.

Important Information for Employees on Annual Appraisals

Annually, (or within a period of one calendar year), supervisors or department chairs for all employees are expected to meet with their employees to discuss department/unit goals, employee career goals, and supervisory expectations. Pursuant to UW System Administrative directives, any person required to administer an appraisal and fails to do so, may be deemed ineligible for Pay Plan consideration.  

Performance appraisals are governed by several UW System policies, inclusive of:

UW System Administrative Policy 1254 clearly articulates that all employees are subject to annual appraisals, or merit review, to determine if their work is meritorious or not. The process that each department/unit undertakes must describe a clear process for how their appraisals will be completed.  This information can be viewed by reviewing the appraisal tools listed below. Faculty should consult their department by-laws for this information. When policies regarding appraisals are modified, input from governance groups occurs.  

Performance appraisals, retention documents, or post-tenure review documents, are retained in the employee's p-file.  Employees may request copies of these documents from the Office of Human Resources.  These documents are retained for the entire time a person is employed at UW-La Crosse.  Retention of these documents, post-employment, shall adhere to UW System Administrative Policies on retention of employment documents.  

The results of annual performance appraisals for non-academic staff and university staff, (and annual merit review for faculty), determine the employee's eligibility for Pay Plan, (should one be approved by the State of Wisconsin). All UW-La Crosse employees are subject to additional requirements set forth by UW System Administration for determining eligibility for Pay Plan, inclusive of successful completion of the Information Security Awareness and Preventing Sexual Harassment Training programs, as well as the completion of the annual Outside Activities Report.  

Faculty Retention, Merit Review, and Post-Tenure Review

For Faculty, please consult your department by-laws for specific information relating to retention of probationary faculty, merit review, and post-tenure review.

Instructional Academic Staff

For instructional academic staff, use the IAS annual review form and IAS PD template.

IAS Annual Review instructions and form

IAS position description template

Faculty senate memo March 2019

Non-Instructional Academic Staff & University Staff

For non-instructional academic staff and university staff, the information is documented on the performance appraisal form. For assistance in completing the performance appraisal, a PowerPoint presentation and handbook for supervisors is below.

Performance appraisal presentation (Prezi)

Performance appraisal handbook for supervisors 

Performance appraisal form 

Student Affairs performance appraisal form

Deans, Assoc Deans, and Assoc Vice Provost form

Diversity and Inclusion performance appraisal form

Additional Resources

Verb list for writing goals 

Key issues in developing a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) 

Performance Improvement Plan template 

Setting smart goals 

Smart goal worksheet 


The performance appraisal forms are placed in the employee's permanent personnel file in Human Resources.