Faculty Research Grants

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Consider public health impacts on your scholarship.
As you plan your research or creative endeavors, you may want to develop a contingency plan for project continuity (e.g., in the event of travel restrictions), or adjust the scope of your work to account for potential disruptions due to public health emergencies.

UWL provides Faculty Research Grants on a competitive, peer-reviewed basis to eligible faculty and academic staff. The term "research" is meant to denote investigative activities--scholarly efforts to advance knowledge, increase skills, and improve understanding in any academic discipline. Proposals clearly designed to improve instruction on this campus will not be considered for funding by these grants. Scholarly projects taking place domestically or internationally are eligible for funding.

Annual deadline for proposals: Grant Proposal Reports from Digital Measures are due to grants@uwlax.edu on the fourth Wednesday in October by noon.

Proposal Information for Faculty Research Grants

  • Having trouble with the grant submission process? Please scroll to the bottom of the screen for an instructional video.
    • The uploading process is demonstrated first in the video.
    • See minute 6:23 in the video for a demonstration of generating a grant proposal report.


Information for Chairs

  • No signatures are required.
  • Letters of support are allowed only to document commitments of support that are required for the completion of the PI's project.
  • PIs should provide you with their proposal so that you may review it.
  • If you approve, communicate your approval (verbally, email, etc.) to the PI.
  • When they upload their proposals, PIs will initial to indicate you have approved.
  • When they submit their proposals, you will be copied on that email.
  • If you receive an email for a proposal that you have not seen and/or approved, you may contact ORSP at grants@uwlax.edu and request that the proposal be withdrawn from consideration.

How to Create Internal Grant Proposals in Digital Measures