Internal Grants Final Report Forms

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse uses a standardized process to report on many internal grant programs. If you have received one of the grant types listed below, you should use this process to report on your grant project. Final report due dates vary; see the list below for your grant's specific deadline. If you have a question about when your report is due, please email or call the office from which it was awarded.  

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  • Download the form for your grant type.
  • Answer all of the questions. If one does not apply to your grant, mark it as "not applicable" or "NA" rather than deleting it.

Digital Measures:

  • Once you have completed and saved your final report, open Digital Measures.
  • Click on "Internal Grant Proposals", which is under "Grants" near the bottom of the page.
  • Locate the grant on which you are reporting and click to open.
  • Just above the "Investigators" section is the place where you can upload your final report.
  • After uploading your final report, scroll to the top of the page and save.
  • Make note of the "Date of Grant Proposal Submission", located just under the area of focus. Do not change this date because you will need it to run your report.

Running your final report:

  • Click on "Rapid Reports" on the top right of the screen.
  • For your report, select "Grant Proposal Report."
  • Select a narrowed date range that includes your "Date of Grant Proposal Submission."
  • Select a file format. PDFs seem to work best, but any format will be accepted provided that the links work.
  • Select "Run Report."
  • Email report to with your last name and grant type in the subject line (example: Smith - Faculty Research final report).
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