International Program Development Fund

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is a leader in global education within the University of Wisconsin System. Through institutional partnerships and other scholarly activities, university faculty and academic staff are connected with other universities and organizations throughout the world. International experiences bring the world to the classroom, enhance research, and assist in preparing students, faculty, and staff in becoming global citizens for the 21st Century. The International Faculty/Academic Staff Development Fund (IDF) was created in 1999 to facilitate and support international activities. 

This particular grant program focuses on the development of faculty and staff-led programs (e.g. scoping visits) or faculty exchanges. 

Submission process:

  1. Compile your grant in Digital Measures using the "Manage Internal Grant Proposals" function. It is located at the bottom of the function list.
  2. Run a report which will yield a document (usually a pdf). If you are having difficulty with this step, please see the video below. The "run a report" step is at the 5:33 mark.
  3. Email the report as an attachment to your Dean / Division Head at least one week prior to the deadline.
  4. After their review, Deans / Division Heads will submit the report to Only grants submitted by Deans / Division Heads will be considered for funding.

International Programs

If the proposed project involves the services of University personnel overseas, the PI/PD should submit an informational copy to the Director, Office of International Education.

Other International Grants: 

How to Create Internal Grant Proposals in Digital Measures