Changes in the email address from which you receive Mandatory Compliance Training Information

During the week of September 21, 2020, all UW-La Crosse employees in active pay status may receive a message from or To access the training, you will be asked to log into Canvas and you use your UWL NetID and UWL password.  

Depending upon when you last completed the Mandated ReporterTitle IX, and Info Security courses (course assignment is based upon the last completion date), will determine the date of your next course assignment. Because of the recent extenuating circumstances with the coronavirus, employees are now temporarily allowed 120 days to complete courses.  Two automated messages are scheduled to be sent; one at 45 days prior to the identified completion date (if not complete), then again at 90 days prior to the identified completion date (if not complete).

Essential compliance training expanding section

As employees of the State of Wisconsin and UWL, we all have an obligation to act in accordance with legal standards and ethical principles. In order to ensure that you are best prepared to fulfill these obligations for the benefit of yourself, your colleagues, and students, UWL has partnered with UW Shared Services to administer our required compliance training program.  

New employees receive training within the first 30 days of employment. 

For continuing Faculty and Staff, the course assignment is based upon the last completion date and on the frequency schedule, listed below. 

Email messages are sent to employees from or To access the training, you will be asked to log into Canvas and you use your UWL NetID and UWL password.   If you are assigned a course, you will receive email notices until all training is complete.   It is recommended that you complete the training in Firefox or Google Chrome.  

Reports will be generated monthly and may be shared with supervisors.

Current employee annual compliance training courses and timeline

  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Sexual Harassment / Sexual Misconduct
There is a separate version for supervisors.
Data Security and Privacy (5 trainings) Mandatory Reporting
Mandatory Yes Yes Yes Yes
Annually 3-year cycle Annually Annually
New Faculty and Staff Within 30 days of start date at UWL Within 30 days of start date at UWL Within 30 days of start date at UWL Within 30 days of start date at UWL
Continuing Faculty/Staff Annually 3-year cycle Annually Annually
Student Employees By request from supervisor to HR (recommended for any students with access to sensitive information (e.g.,  teaching assistants, HELP desk workers, enrollment services). Graduate assistants only All student employees All student employees
Time Commitment/Format
~ 30 minutes
~ 45 minutes
online (employee version)
~ 1 hour (supervisor version)
~ 90 minutes
~ 90 minutes
University Staff workplace expectations policy training expanding section

The Office of Human Resources and University Staff Governance has developed University Staff guidelines for workplace expectations that can assist supervisors to establish a cohesive culture within the departments.  By holding ourselves accountable to these expectations, we have clear and consistent direction because we all know what the “path” is.

Administrative support workshop expanding section

The administrative support workshop is hosted annually by the Human Resources office.

HR Partner Contacts

Alyssa Balboa  Profile of Alyssa Balboa

Assistant Director, Human Resources

Specialty areas:

Serving the divisions of Administration & Finance, Diversity & Inclusion, Equity & Affirmative Action, Student Affairs, and University Advancement/Foundation President.

Shannon Miller  Profile of Shannon Miller

Human Resources Partner, Snr

Specialty areas:

HR Partner for Academic Affairs.   Human Resources, Ethical Leadership, Paralegal Studies, and Management Studies.

Carri O'Melia  Profile of Carri O'Melia

Human Resources Partner, Snr

Specialty areas:

HR in Administration & Finance, Diversity & Inclusion, Student Affairs, and University Advancement.