While international students are already studying abroad in the U.S. and gaining the benefits linked to that transformational experience, they can enhance that experience even more by also participating in an education abroad program while at UWL.

Degree Seeking International Students (F1)

If you are an F1 international student interested in studying abroad you will need to first meet with your International Student Advisor at UWL. During this meeting, you and your International Student Advisor will address some important topics that you will need to keep in mind when choosing an education abroad program. For example, you will determine when and for how long you can study abroad and remain in compliance with your U.S. student visa status. Also, talk to your academic advisor about what courses you could take abroad, and when would be the best time to study abroad.

Exchange International Students (J1)

If you are a J1 international student, it is very likely that you are in the U.S. only for one semester. In this case, adding an education abroad program will be very difficult. However, if you are here for an academic year, it might be possible but it will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The first thing you will need to do is to meet with you International Student Advisor.

Visa Requirements to Study Abroad

Student visa requirements vary by country based on the country of citizenship of each individual. So, while U.S. Citizens do not require a visa for some countries, that requirement may be different for international students. You must do this research well in advance and before choosing a program. Sometimes, you may need to apply for “transit visas” to pass through countries on the way to your final destination. A good place to start this research would be your home country embassy's  or consulate's  website. 

To make an appointment to meet with your International Student Advisor please contact our office at international@uwlax.edu or call 608-785-8016. Once you are ready to start the education abroad application process, we encourage you to attend an Education Abroad 101 session, attend our Education Abroad Fair, and/or to schedule an appointment with an Education Abroad Advisor. We are here for you!


Can I Study Abroad While Abroad?