Virtual/Remote Global Learning

Virtual Education Abroad Program & Internships

Participating in an education abroad program is a transformative learning experience and the best way to enhance global awareness, and develop cultural competency and personal growth. However, it is not the only way! There are many virtual/remote opportunities to gain a meaningful global exposure as well as engage with people in other countries and create long-distance friendships. In fact, virtual opportunities are more accessible as cost is much lower and students could take classes or do an international internship while also taking classes at UWL and/or working in the U.S. There is a whole world of remote possibilities and combinations of options, which allow students to create their own path. These are some of the options available at UWL, but check this page often as new opportunities will be added:

UWL & API Virtual Global Community Engagement Lab Virtual/Remote non-credit, resume-building experience Contact IEE Here!
Anglo Educational Services (AES) Virtual/Remote Internships Contact AES here!
API Virtual/Remote Internships, courses, and more!  Contact API here!
CEA Virtual/Remote Internships, courses, and more!  Contact CEA here!
ISA Virtual/Remote Internships, courses, and more! Contact ISA here!

Virtual/Remote Internships (5-minute Presentation)

Contact GlobalEd here!
ISEP Virtual/Remote Internships, courses, and more! Contact ISEP here!
Hessen-WI Exchange - Germany Virtual Winter Program More info here!
Germany-Marburg  Virtual Exchange More info here!
Germany-Summer at Frankfurt Virtual Program More info here!
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore-Italy Virtual semester & Internship More info here!
UDLAP - Mexico Virtual Spanish and Business Courses More info here!

Some of our Exchange and Direct enroll partners universities also offer Virtual/Remote opportunities. More information coming soon!

NOTE: UWL Administrative fees will apply to virtual global learning programs.


Benefits of Pursuing a Virtual Global Internship

Q&A with CEA Virtual Global Internship Student

My Virtual Internship