Important: COVID-19 advising updates

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The Academic Advising Center & Career Services Office (which Pre-Health Center is apart of) will no longer be conducting in-person appointments as of March 18, 2020. Instead we will be offering virtual appointments via phone, e-mail, or video chat Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Please note that due to the constantly evolving circumstances, it may take longer than normal to hear back, and we will be updating our websites as things progress. 

Making Appointments

If you are assigned to an academic advisor in our office, you can make your appointment online through Navigate, e-mail your advisor, or e-mail If you are not assigned to be advised in our office, you can make an appointment by e-mailing To make an appointment for career advising, you can do so online through Navigate or by e-mailing

If you have questions about anything, reach out to Josh Bench - 

Last Updated: 4/13/20 at 7:45 a.m.

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For the most up to date campus information, go to UWL's COVID-19 FAQ page

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Go here for updates organized by professional path (pre-med, pre-PA, etc.). 

There isn't a one size fits all plan for pre-health students. Each student has a different background, circumstances, and goals. Additionally, each program has their own course requirements, which can differ from the general pre- curriculum suggestions at UWL. We do our best to get you in the right direction, then it is up to you to consult the websites of the programs where you plan to apply.

Even with careful planning, classes may not always be available when you were planning to take them. A course you took that "counted" for one program, may not end up counting for another (ex. organic chemistry "series" versus a semester "survey" course). 

Despite these limitations, we still want to help you plan your academics. Your "Advisement Report" in WINGS is the best resource to see what courses you still need to complete for your major, minor, and general education requirements. But as a pre-health student, you have more to do! Below, see links to supplemental pre-health advising information.

Then, use our "Pre-Health Organizer", a downloadable Excel spreadsheet, to help you start organizing your prerequisite coursework (plus, you can compare programs of interest and track experience hours).