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Admission to graduate programs in the health professions

If you aren't used to working with pre-health students, or work with them infrequently, it can be hard to keep track of the differences between the expected metrics among the pre-health tracks.

We developed an internal Sharepoint site just for faculty and staff here. The site includes admission statistics and other helpful resources.

Reach out to us at prehealth@uwlax.edu with questions. 

Who should I contact for...

Pre-health tracks

Getting started

Advanced exploration

Academic advising*

Help with application materials**

Pre-Athletic Training Pre-Health Center Cordial Gillette See advisor in WINGS AACCS
Pre-Chiropractic Pre-Health Center Carla Burkhardt See advisor in WINGS AACCS
Pre-Clinical Exercise Physiology Pre-Health Center Salvador Jaime See advisor in WINGS AACCS
Pre-Dentistry Pre-Health Center Michael Abler Michael Abler AACCS
Pre-Genetic Counseling Pre-Health Center Anne Galbraith See advisor in WINGS AACCS
Pre-Medicine Pre-Health Center Margaret Maher See advisor in WINGS AACCS
Pre-Occupational Therapy Pre-Health Center Pre-Health Center See advisor in WINGS AACCS
Pre-Optometry Pre-Health Center Tony Sanderfoot Tony Sanderfoot AACCS
Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Health Center Basu Bhattacharyya See advisor in WINGS AACCS
Pre-Physical Therapy Pre-Health Center Pre-Health Center See advisor in WINGS AACCS
Pre-Physician Assistant Studies Pre-Health Center Pre-Health Center See advisor in WINGS AACCS
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Pre-Health Center Cord Brundage See advisor in WINGS AACCS

* Pre-Health Center can serve as a supplemental advisor as needed

** The Writing Center can also help students write and edit essays


Related curriculum (minors, special courses, etc.)

Information on advising, courses, etc.

Spanish for the Health Professions Contact Megan Strom or Antonio Martín Gómez for information on the course, or to learn how language impacts healthcare outcomes
Healthcare Analytics Management Contact Uzay Damali for information on the minor, or to learn about the how analytics are (and will continue to) impact healthcare decision-making


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