UWL Digital Marketing Lab
Summer, 2022

The SBDC is seeking interns for the Digital Marketing Lab for the summer, 2022.  Refer to the position description for more information. Student Marketing DM Lab Research Intern - SBDC (Outreach) - Spring 2022 (multiple positions).pdf
The Digital Marketing Lab will be returning summer 2022 to help area businesses seeking hands on assistance to develop, implement or enhance their website, social media, or marketing strategies.  The UWL Digital Marketing Lab will pair UWL marketing students with businesses to provide the assistance many businesses are seeking to enhance their e-commerce presence. 
UWL marketing students will share their interest and skills to help businesses develop their resources to support a more effective e-commerce strategy.  Whether a business needs a web presence, a social media plan, assistance with content, or other marketing support, the UWL Digital Marketing Lab will help them identify and connect with support to help the business more effectively engage with customers. 
This program is FREE to businesses selected to participate in the program. Businesses that would like to participate in the program should send an email to sbdc@uwlax.edu.  
For more information, send an email to sbdc@uwlax.edu.