All individuals interested in completing a School of Education teacher education program at UW-La Crosse matriculate through four benchmarks. The first benchmark starts with the declaration of a major in a teacher education area. The second benchmark is Admission to a Teacher Education Program (DES, STEP, PETE, and/or SHE) the third benchmark is Admission to Student Teaching or Internships and the final benchmark is university recommendation for teacher certification.

STEP Admission Policy and ProceduresAll application material for Phase II is due at 4:30PM on the Friday of the fourth week of the Fall or Spring semester. (Fall 2018 Admission deadline is September 28, 2018 and Spring 2019 Admission deadline is February 15, 2019) The STEP Admission Process consists of four components: Pre-Application Academic Requirements (credit count, required coursework, and GPA requirement), Teacher Educator Recommendation Level, Educational Experience Reflection Paper, and Candidate Interview. For questions on the STEP Admission Policy, please contact Dr. David Liss (

Phase I: Pre-Application Criteria 

STEP Pre-applications are accepted at any time during the year. Students who meet the pre-application criteria below should fill out the online STEP Pre-Application Admission Form.

  • Complete ENG 110 or 112 with a grade of "C" or higher.
  • Complete a minimum of 40 earned credits (including transfer credits) with a 2.75 combined cumulative grade point average.
  • Complete or concurrent enrollment in EDS 203 or EDS 206
  • Please contact Dr. David Liss if you have a question on these pre-application benchmarks.
  • As part of Phase I, submit the names and contact information (address, phone, and email) of two professional references. The STEP Admission Committee will send your references a brief Teacher Candidate Recommendation Form. This form is designed to assess your qualifications for STEP Admission.

Phase II: STEP Application Material
After completing the STEP Pre-Application Form, to finish applying for admission into the STEP Program you must also complete the STEP Application - Submission of Phase II Materials survey. In that survey you will be required to upload the following materials by 4:30 p.m. on the Friday of Week 4 each Fall or Spring Semester.

  • Current Resume (for resume samples visit UWL  Career Services)
  • Unofficial Transcript - Upload your unofficial transcript from WINGS.
  • Educational Experience Reflection Paper based on your PHASE I coursework. The STEP Reflection Paper Guidelines  will provide you with more information. Upload your Reflection Paper.

Approximately two weeks following submission of the on-line application materials STEP candidates meeting PHASE I AND II criteria will be contacted via e-mail to arrange the interview portion of the application process. Meeting the minimum eligibility criteria does not guarantee an interview.

PHASE IV: STEP Admission 
Admission decisions will be sent to students via e-mail within one month following the application deadline. Resources available limit the number of students admitted. Not all students completing the application process are admitted to STEP.

APPEAL AND REAPPLICATION POLICY: Students who do not meet the minimum GPA requirement may submit an appeal application requesting the committee grant a waiver of this PHASE I criteria. A student must submit an appeal packet at least 30 days before the application deadline to the STEP Admission Committee. To submit this appeal packet, please complete the STEP Application – Submission of Materials survey. In that survey you will be required to upload the following documents:

  • Written statement of appeal identifying the reason(s) why the GPA requirement was not satisfied and why the committee should approve a waiver in this case.
  • Two letters of support from faculty/staff or other professionals who can address the issue being appealed.
  • All Phase II documents listed above (Current resume, Unofficial Transcript, and educational experience reflection paper).

Students who are not admitted may appeal the admission decision by submitting a letter of appeal to the STEP Admission Committee by November 1 for fall applicants and April 1 for spring applicants. The student may be asked to meet with the STEP Admission Committee as part of the appeal process. Students will be notified of the appeal decision in a timely manner. The appeal decision is final.  

Students may reapply to the STEP Program at any time during their academic career at UWL.