Professional Education Requirements

To address the mission and Conceptual Framework of the School of Education, STEP teacher candidates will complete core program requirements in 1) General Education, 2) Professional Education, and 3) at least one EA-A Content Major. STEP teacher candidates must fulfill all major content area requirements and teacher education program requirements to be eligible to apply for EA-A teacher certification. The EA-A General Education and Professional Education Core Advising Sheet or the EA-A Content Major/Minor Program Planning Sheets provide STEP teacher candidates with core program requirements. Current EA-A teacher candidates should contact their academic advisor, or Dr. Ken Shonk (STEP Director)  for questions relating to academic requirements.
Professional Education Core Requirements (35-39 credits): The Professional Education coursework in combination with a content major requirements is designed to prepare highly-qualified teachers and address the Wisconsin Teacher Educator Standards. 
Each candidate must also complete at least one EA-A Content Major in addition to the Professional Core.  
Courses Required for STEP (Note: EDS 203 OR EDS 206 is required for admission):
  • EDS 203     School and Society (3 cr.) 
  • EDS 206     Multicultural Education (3 cr.)
  • EDS 309     Education in a Global Context (2 cr.; EDS 203)
  • PSY 212      Lifespan Development (3 cr.)
  • PSY 370     Educational Psychology (3 cr.; PSY 212)
Courses Requiring Admission into STEP:
  • SPE 401      Introduction to Exceptional Learners (3 cr.; EDS 351; junior standing)
Courses Requiring Admission into STEP with an Integrated Field Experience:
    • EDS 351 Language, Literacy and Culture in the Secondary Classroom with Field Experience I  (4 cr.)*
    • Teaching and Learning (Content) in the Secondary School with Field Experience II * (4 cr.; EDS 351)
      • ENG 405 Teaching and Learning English
      • HIS/GEO/POL/SOC/PSY/ECO 408 Teaching and Learning History and Social Studies
      • MTH 421 Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Computer Science
      • BIO/CHM/PHY 469 Teaching and Learning Science

*Note: These courses are designated writing emphasis courses.

  • Teaching and Learning credits count toward Content Major Requirements  

Courses Required for Select EA-A Content Majors and Minors:
  • GEO 200 Conservation of Global Environments (3 cr.; Social Studies & Science majors & minors only)
  • EFN 200 Cooperatives (1 cr.; Social studies majors & minors only)
Student Teaching / Internship: 
Prerequisites: Completion of all requirements in education; grade point averages of 2.75 cumulative, major, minor, professional education core coursework; passing scores on Praxis II tests in the appropriate certification area/discipline or meet the GPA requirements for a waiver. 
    • EDS 494 Student Teaching: Early Adolescence-Adolescence
      EDS 495 Teaching Internship (12 cr.)
    • Note: Teaching Internships require a 3.0 combined GPA
  • EDS 492 Student Teaching Seminar (1 cr.)