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URC-course-assignment.jpg We are trying to encourage students who are not presenting at the UWL Research & Creativity Symposium to still attend.  This will introduce students not active in scholarly pursuits to the work being done by fellow students and faculty.  It will also foster peer to peer interactions discussing academic subjects.  We would like to encourage instructors to consider adding a small assignment for credit to their syllabus for the spring semester.

The UWL Research & Creativity Symposium will be held at the U in April. Posters and exhibits will be in the Bluffs rooms; oral presentations will be in the 2nd and 3rd floor rooms.


Possible assignments related to the UWL Research & Creativity Symposium.

Evaluation of a presentation

  1. Attend an oral presentation and evaluate the speaker's performance.
  2. Attend a poster presentation and evaluate the design and effectiveness of the poster. Poster evaluation
  3. Attend an artistic performance and evaluate the work, identifying themes and concepts discussed in class.

Course content

  1. Attend an artistic display and evaluate the piece, identifying themes and concepts discussed in class.
  2. Attend a poster or talk related to the course material and connect the results presented by the student to a theory or concept discussed in class.
  3. Attend a poster or talk related to the course material and ask the presenter a question.  Record both the question you asked and their response.
  4. Attend two posters or talks on different topics.  Write a creative story that links these two topics together.

Data analysis

  1. Attend a poster with a graph.  Redraw this graph and use it to explain the dependent and independent variables, the type of analysis performed, and any conclusions that were drawn.  Could the data have been displayed more effectively?
  2. Attend a poster with statistical analysis of data.  Summarize the data and the type of statistical analysis used.  What conclusions were drawn?  Was the statistical analysis performed correctly?
  3. Attend a poster or talk that uses survey data.  Were the questions being asked qualitative or quantitative?  Was the sample size large enough to support the conclusions?  Was any statistical analysis performed, and if so it done correctly?

If you develop your own activity that you would like to share, please send it to our office and we will consider adding it to the list!  urc@uwlax.edu