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International Business

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Undergraduate program

International Business

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International business refers to business across national borders. Graduates with an international business degree gain an understanding of global business and social issues that will position them well to advance in the professional world and become world citizens.

Featured courses

  • Introduction to International Economics
    ECO 340 | 3 credits
    Overview and introduction to international economics and the theory of international trade and the effects of trade and trade policy on the economy. Foreign exchange markets, the balance of payments and basic policy adjustments are also introduced. Prerequisite: ECO 110. Offered Fall, Spring.
  • Multinational Financial Management
    FIN 440 | 3 credits
    The international financial system and the application of basic principles of business finance in an international context. Topics include: the finance function in the multinational firm, foreign exchange markets, cost of capital, and capital expenditure analysis in the multinational firm. International accounting and reporting procedures are reviewed. Prerequisite: FIN 355; junior standing; admission to business. Offered Spring.
  • International Marketing
    MKT 341 | 3 credits
    The course is an in-depth study of marketing activities and processes across national borders. Topics include macro-environmental factors and global market dynamics, marketing strategy and decision-making, international marketing opportunities, and entry-mode decisions. Prerequisite: MKT 309. Offered Fall, Spring.
  • International Management
    MGT 360 | 3 credits
    Through this course, students will be introduced to the opportunities and challenges corporations face when doing business internationally and identify strategies and practices to manage effectively in a global environment. In particular, students will be exposed to, and encouraged to critically think about, international management topics such as the global business environment, ethics and corporate social responsibility, culture, international strategy and entry, organizational behavior across cultures, and international human resource management issues. In the end, students develop an understanding of, and appreciation for, culture and its impact on management and strategies for managing in a complex, global environment. Prerequisite: admission to business or international business minor with a non business major; junior standing. Offered Fall, Spring.
  • The Law of International Business Transactions
    BLAW 405 | 3 credits
    This course examines the legal problems that arise when business activities and organizations cross national boundaries and become multinational in structure, operation, and scope. Specific attention is paid to the legal effects of international business decisions; doing business in market, non-market and developing nations; the movement of goods, people and information across national borders; protection of intellectual property; international dispute resolution; and international contracts. Prerequisite: BLAW 205; admission to business. Offered Fall, Spring.