Department Chair

Academic Department Associate


Gwen Achenreiner  Profile of Gwen Achenreiner  Meet with me

Interim College of Business Administration - Associate Dean
1222 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Market Research, Marketing Education

Elizabeth Crosby  Profile of Elizabeth Crosby  Meet with me

Associate Professor
3114 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Consumer behavior, consumer culture theory, consumer identity, transformative consumer research, consumer welfare, consumer vulnerability, consumer wellbeing, and stigma

Andreas Eklund  Profile of Andreas Eklund  Meet with me

Assistant Professor
3120 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Branding, consumer behavior, consumer psychology, gamification, sensory marketing, and service-dominant logic

Terrance Gabel  Profile of Terrance Gabel  Meet with me

Associate Teaching Professor
3104 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Consumer Culture Theory

Services Marketing

Death and Consumption

Lobbying from a Marketing Perspective

Kenneth Graham  Profile of Kenneth Graham  Meet with me

Associate Professor
3116 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Marketing Strategy, Integrated Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing

Program Director: Digital Marketing Graduate Certificate Program

Aaron Koepke  Profile of Aaron Koepke

Assistant Teaching Professor
3112 Wittich Hall

Maggie McDermott  Profile of Maggie McDermott  Meet with me

Associate Professor
3102 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Sustainability in Business

Nese Nasif  Profile of Nese Nasif

Associate Professor
3118 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

consumer behavior, advertising, services, consumer neuroscience

Stacy Trisler  Profile of Stacy Trisler  Meet with me

Associate Teaching Professor
3110 Wittich Hall

Specialty areas:

Professional Selling
Sales Management
Sales Team