Advising & Registration

Academic Advising

You can find your advisor's name and contact information in your WINGS Student Center. The information will be on the right-hand side of the page.

In most cases, you will meet with your advisor to plan your courses for the following semester. After you have been formally admitted to the college and will be taking coursework within the major, your advisor may lay out a 3-4 semester plan leading to graduation.

Academic advisors can also provide guidance and ideas regarding different careers within the Marketing discipline; extracurricular activities; and internship or job opportunities.

Meet with your advisor each semester before your register for next semester's classes.

Meet with your advisor the semester you are enrolled in ACC 221 (typically sophomore year) so your advisor can talk to you about getting admitted to the college. Typically, applications for admission to the college are due mid-semester of the semester you are enrolled in ACC 222. You must be admitted to the college to enroll in 300/400 level Marketing coursework. 

See your advisor if you are having any difficulties, such as, you think you are going to fail a course, you are on probation currently, or think your GPA may fall below 2.0. Likewise, if you are having difficulty handling day-to-day activities and responsibilities for any reason, please let your advisor know so he or she can direct you to UWL staff qualified to help you with your particular situation.

You can schedule a meeting with your advisor through their Faculty Profile Page. 

Yes. If you are a Marketing student looking to change your advisor, please fill out the Change of Advisor form (for CBA students only). 

CBA Change of Advisor Form

WINGS features the Advisement Report, which outlines all of the specific requirements needed to complete a degree in your declared major. Because the Advisement Report factors in your completed and in-progress coursework, it is also a good way to track the progress that you are making towards the completion of your degree.


Registration dates and deadlines can be found on the Records and Registration webpage

You can find your enrollment date and time in your WINGS Student Center. Log into WINGS and locate the "Enrollment Dates" section on the right side of the page. To switch terms, click "Details."

Join the waitlist! 

The Marketing department relies on waitlists to provide a fair and equitable process during the add/drop period. If the class you want is full, please add yourself to the waitlist.

In many cases, it's a good idea to register for a backup class. You can utilize the "Swap" feature in WINGS so that WINGS will drop you from your second-choice class if a seat opens up in your first-choice class. Swapping is currently only available in your WINGS Student Center. For step-by-step instructions, click here

There are two types of electives at UWL: University Electives and Marketing Major Electives.

The first is General or University Electives. These count to help you get to the 120 credits required for graduation. While there are many different ways to plan out University Electives, you might consider declaring a minor or certificate as part of this process. Additional information can be found below.

In addition to University Electives, the marketing major curriculum requires that you take four Marketing Electives (12 credits). The Marketing department offers a wide range of electives. Note that some marketing electives have prerequisites for other marketing electives. Additional information on prerequisites can be found in the course catalog. Also, note that some marketing electives are offered every semester, others are offered either in spring or fall, while others are offered occasionally. Thus, the earlier you start thinking about what marketing electives you are interested in, the better. 

2023-2024 Marketing Elective Offerings

Fall 2023 Spring 2024 Summer 2024
MKT 365: Integrated Marketing Communications MKT 351: Sustainability in Marketing MKT 440: Comparative Marketing Systems and MKT 445: International Marketing Strategies (London Program)
MKT 370: Professional Selling and Sales Management MKT 360: Social Media Marketing  
MKT 380: Strategic Brand Management MKT 365: Integrated Marketing Communications  
MKT 386: Business Marketing and Distribution MKT 370: Professional Selling and Sales Management  
MKT 444: Sports and Recreation Marketing MKT 450: Advanced Marketing Internship  
MKT 450: Advanced Marketing Internship MKT 470: Sales Force Management  
MKT 465: Digital Marketing and Analytics    

Many students combine marketing electives based on their interests, career plans and/or take advantage of their elective credits and earn a minor in the process. Reach out to your advisor to discuss your elective interests so you can make sure you have what you need when you need it!

Some common combinations of Marketing Electives include:

  • IMC/Digital Focus (MKT 365, MKT 360, MKT 465)
  • International Focus (MKT 440, MKT 445)
  • Sales Focus (MKT 370, MKT 386, MKT 470)

These are common ways Marketing majors take advantage of their elective credits and earn a minor in the process:

  • Business Analytics Minor
  • Communication Studies
  • Digital Media Studies and Design
  • Economics Minor
  • Healthcare Analytics Minor
  • Information systems Minor
  • International Business Minor
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional and Technical Writing
  • Psychology
  • Race, Gender and Sexual Studies
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Sustainability and Environmental Studies
  • Sustainable Business Minor

Please talk with your academic advisor for additional guidance and assistance in planning your university and Marketing electives.

Detailed information on how to register online can be found on the WINGS Student Center Help page, including a written manual and video tutorials. In addition, the Records and Registration page offers supplementary tips to make registration easier.

WINGS features the Advisement Report, which outlines all of the specific requirements needed to complete a degree in your declared major. Because the Advisement Report factors in your completed and in-progress coursework, it is also a good way to track the progress that you are making towards the completion of your degree.

Transferring Credits

Submit an Academic Plan 

In order to receive specific marketing course credits for your study abroad/away experience, you MUST submit an Education Abroad Academic Plan and receive approval from the academic department on campus. For the Marketing department, you must get approval from Elizabeth Crosby 

If you do not submit an Academic Plan and/or do not have departmental approval for a particular course, that course will transfer back to UWL as General Education credits. 

Instructions to Complete your Education Abroad Academic Plan 

  1. Print or download the Academic Plan  
    1. Print: Education Abroad Academic Plan.pdf 
    2. Download Fillable-PDF: Education Abroad Academic Plan Fillable.pdf 
  2. Research courses abroad/away offered through your program   
    1. Gather information (course description, syllabus, etc.) about the courses you plan to take abroad/away. 
    2. List the courses you plan to take abroad/away on your academic plan. 
    3. Ensure that you have all UWL prerequisites to take the courses you want to take abroad. For example, if you want to take MKT 341, you must take MKT 309 prior to going abroad. 
    4. Note: Try to find several backup classes abroad/away in case you cannot get into your first choices. 
  3. Communicate with your academic advisor 
    1. Discuss courses you need for graduation and how studying abroad fits into your degree requirements. 
    2. Your Academic Advisor should also sign your Academic Plan.  
    3. Note: If you are planning on taking a course abroad that is a prerequisite for a course you are planning on taking when you return to campus, you must complete the prerequisite prior to taking the course abroad. 
  4. Meet or communicate with Elizabeth Crosby to discuss course approvals.    
    1. You must receive approval from the academic department at UWL for your course to transfer as a specific credit. For marketing courses, you must get approval from Elizabeth Crosby. 
    2. Before meeting, email: 
      1. Your academic plan 
      2. Course descriptions of the marketing courses you wish to take abroad 
      3. Syllabus for the marketing courses you wish to take abroad  
      4. UWL course you are requesting as an equivalent. 
    3. Please be patient, respectful, and well-organized when communicating with the academic departments. 
    4. It is your responsibility to get your courses approved and follow any additional instructions/procedures from the academic department. 
  5. Submit your AcademicPlan to International Education & Engagement (IEE) at 1140 Centennial Hall or scan and email the form to  
    1. IEE cannot approve courses for you. 
    2. It is your responsibility to submit your course approvals to IEE and update them on any course changes. 
  6. Keep a copy of your Academic Plan  
    1. You might need to refer to this list when you are registering for courses after your arrival at the institution abroad. 

Recommended Deadlines to Submit Your Academic Plan 

Winter and Spring Programs December 1
Summer, Fall, and Academic Year Programs May 1

Previously Approved Courses 

IEE maintains a "Course Equivalency Database” of courses that have been previously approved for students to take abroad/away.  

  • This list is not comprehensive and does not take the place of meeting with your Academic Advisor and/or the appropriate academic department for course approval. 
  • The database is meant as a guide to give you a sense of what courses may be appropriate for your studies. 
  • You still need to get approval even if all the courses you choose are from the Course Equivalency Database. 

Enrollment at UWL While Abroad 

IEE will enroll you in the UWL 300 International Study Abroad course for the duration of your study abroad program.  

If you are participating in a Faculty-led Program, you will be enrolled in the actual course(s) by IEE. 

Potential UWL Registration Issues: HOLDS! 

If IEE can't enroll you in the study abroad course for the semester abroad, it could be due to any of these issues: 

  • Current balance must be paid in full. 
  • Meet with your academic advisor to remove advising holds. 

You can find instructions on how to determine what kind of hold you have and what to do on the WINGS webpage (click on "Holds and To Do List). 

Grades & Credits 

Grades come back as A, B, C, etc.,and are NOT pass/fail.  

If the grading system is different in the host country, your grades will be converted to U.S. letter grades. You can view common grading systems in your host country here. 

Different countries around the world may use a different credit system than the United States.  Please consult an International Credit Equivalencies page to learn more about how your credits from abroad may transfer back. 

Current UWL students enrolling in a non-UWL class while attending UWL:

UWL students wishing to take a non- UWL class while attending UWL and transfer it back should review the steps below before registering into the desired class.

Note: In compliance with established university policy, failing grades and deficiencies in grade point averages at UWL may be removed only by taking work in residence at UWL. Courses repeated at another institution and transferred to this university will not improve your UWL GPA.

How to take a non-UWL class while attending UWL

  1. Visit the Transferology website to view other schools' courses that transfer back to UWL.
  2. Prior to enrollment in the course, complete the online "Off-Campus Course Evaluation Form." This form is reviewed by your Dean's office to ensure that the credits will indeed transfer to UWL. You will get an email when the course is approved or if there are follow-up questions.

If you wish to take a course at another UW Campus, scheduled classes can be viewed at the UW Campus Timetable website. For other colleges or universities, you will need to visit the website of the institution in which you are interested.

If you are receiving financial aid, contact the Financial Aid office to determine if a consortium agreement should be filed so that you can receive aid for the non-UWL course.

Courses not in Transferology

Transferology can help provide information on whether courses will transfer to UWL. However, Marketing students seeking guidance on the process of transferring courses should consult with CBA Academic Services Director Nicole Vidden or an AACCS advisor for more individualized advice.

Enrolling in a non-UWL course

Once your Off-Campus Course Evaluation Form is approved, seek admission to the institution offering the course as a "non-degree seeking," “special," "guest," or "visiting" student. These terms are used for students taking a course at a school but not intending to earn a degree there. The term used will depend on the school to which you apply.

  • Apply at UW Online Application for UW System institutions.
  • For institutions outside of the UW System, the application process will be found on their admissions page.
  • Once you are admitted, the other institution should provide you directions on how to enroll.

Transferring completed coursework back to UWL

Once you have completed the course and the final grade has been recorded on your transcript at the other institution, request an official transcript be sent directly to UWL from the other institution. The official transcript can be sent directly to the Records and Registration Office. If you do not see the credit applied to your record after 10 business days, please contact the Records and Registration Office to verify if the transcript was received.

When credits are transferred and accepted, they are recorded in terms of UWL courses. The student’s record shows the courses, grades, and credits of the awarded coursework. However, the cumulative grade point average of each UWL student is determined only by credits and grades earned in residence at the university. The grade and grade points of the transferred coursework does not count in the UWL GPA. Exceptions to this policy may be necessary for admission into certain academic programs. 

A course in which a grade of "D" was earned and accepted by this university may be applied to general education and/or core requirements but will be subject to re-evaluation at a later date if the student chooses to major or minor in the subject area, or discipline in which "D" grades were earned.

Additional information

  • Students may also have the option of transferring credits to UW-La Crosse via standardized examination programs such as the Advanced Placement (AP) program, the College Level Entrance Program (CLEP), or the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.    
  • UW-Independent Learning delivers courses in various options: print-based only, print-based with e-mail option, telecourse, or online.  Students submit their coursework by mail, e-mail, or fax. Independent learning undergraduate-level credits may be transferable to UWL. Check transferability in Transferology. As with any transfer course, you should get the course approved by your College. See the Academic Services Director for your College before considering this option.      
  • UW Extended Campus also offers online courses each fall, spring and summer semester.  This may also be an option for you. Check transferability in Transferology. As with any transfer course, you should get the course approved by your College. See the Academic Services Director for your College before considering this option. 

Major Requirements

The Department of Marketing faculty at UW-La Crosse considers the educational, personal, and professional development of marketing students to be their number one priority. The Department of Marketing is dedicated to providing an in-depth understanding of marketing activity, in both domestic and international settings. Graduates are prepared to enter a variety of marketing related positions upon graduation. Students in this major are presented with opportunities to more fully develop and explore their specific marketing and career interests while progressing through their course work.


Admission to the College of Business Administration

300/400 level marketing courses are open only to those students who have been admitted to the business program and students in business-related programs for which such a course is specifically required. Exceptions to this policy may be made only by the College of Business Administration Dean.


24 total credits

  • Core - 12 credits
    • MKT 341 - International Marketing
    • MKT 362 - Buyer Behavior
    • MKT 367 - Market Research
    • MKT 479 - Marketing Management
  • Electives - 12 credits
    • Select an additional 12 credits from 300/400 level MKT courses
  • A maximum of three credits may come from MKT 415MKT 450, or MKT 499.
  • CBA core courses such as MKT 301MKT 309, and MKT 323 cannot be applied toward the major. MKT 310 and MKT 480, which are cross-listed with MGT, also cannot be applied toward the major.
  • Students with interests in special areas should work closely with their advisors on course selection.

All students must complete the general education, college core, major/minor, and university degree requirements in order to qualify for a degree. The easiest way to track all of these requirements is to refer to the Advisement Report (AR) found in the Student Information System (WINGS) Student Center. All enrolled students have access to the AR. 

College of Business Administration (CBA) core requirements

All students enrolled in any program within the college must complete the 16 business core courses listed below and all requirements for the major (see department listings). Courses numbered at the 100 and 200 level as well as MGT/MKT 301 are considered pre-business courses.

  • ACC 221 - Accounting Principles I
  • ACC 222 - Accounting Principles II
  • BLAW 205 - The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
  • ECO 110 - Microeconomics and Public Policy
  • ECO 120 - Global Macroeconomics
  • ECO 230 - Data Analysis for Business Applications
  • ENG 110 - College Writing
    or ENG 112 - College Writing AP (Advanced Placement)
  • FIN 355 - Principles of Financial Management
  • IS 220 - Information Systems for Business Management
  • MGT/MKT 301 - Business Communication
  • MGT 308 - Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 393 - Production and Operations Management
  • MGT 449 - CBA Capstone: Applied Business Strategy
  • MKT 309 - Principles of Marketing
  • MTH 160 - Mathematics for Business
    or MKT 175 - Applied Calculus
    or MTH 207 - Calculus I
  • STAT 145 - Elementary Statistics (or equivalent) 

Below is a sample degree plan that can be used as a guide to identify courses required to fulfill the major and other requirements needed for degree completion. A student's actual degree plan may differ depending on the course of study selected (second major, minor, etc.). Also, this sample plan assumes readiness for each course and/or major plan, and some courses may not be offered every term. Review the course descriptions or the class timetable for course offering information.

The sample degree plans represented in this catalog are intended for first-year students entering UWL in the fall term. Students should use the Advisement Report (AR) in WINGS and work closely with their faculty advisor(s) and college dean’s office to ensure declaration and completion of all requirements in a timely manner.

General Education Program
The general education curriculum (Gen Ed) is the common educational experience for all undergraduates at UWL. Sample degree plans include Gen Ed placeholders to ensure completion of the general education requirements. Courses may be rearranged to fit the needs or recommendations of the student’s program of study. Gen Ed courses may be taken during winter term (January between the semesters) and summer to reduce the course load during regular terms (fall and spring). Students should consult with their advisor and/or the college academic services director in their college/school for assistance with course and schedule planning. Refer to the general education requirements for more specific details.

At least 40 credits of the 120 credits required must be earned at the 300/400-level. 

Note: New students and transfer students with 15 or fewer credits earned are required to take FYS 100 First-Year Seminar (3 cr.) during one of their first two semesters at UWL.

This sample degree plan does not establish a contractual agreement. It identifies the minimum requirements a student must successfully complete, to qualify for a degree, in a format intended to assist the student in planning their academic career. Actual degree plans may differ.

Year 1
ECO 110 or 120 (Gen Ed Global Studies/ Gen Ed Self & Society)1 3 ECO 110 or 120 (Gen Ed Global Studies/ Gen Ed Self & Society)1 3
ENG 110 or 112 (Gen Ed Literacy - Written) 3 CST 110 (Gen Ed Literacy - Oral) 3
MTH 160, or 207 (Depending on math placement exam results)1 4 STAT 145 (Depending on math placement exam results) 4
Gen Ed Arts 2 FYS 100 (Gen Ed First-Year Seminar) 3
Gen Ed World History 3 Gen Ed Minority Cultures 3
  15   16
Year 2
ACC 2211 3 ACC 2221 3
University Elective 3 BLAW 2051 3
Gen Ed Health & Well-Being 3 IS 220 3
Gen Ed Arts 2 University Elective 4
Gen Ed Natural Lab Science 4 Gen Ed Humanistic Studies 3
  15   16
Year 3
MGT 301 or MKT 301 3 CBA Core (MGT 308/MGT 393/FIN 355) 3
CBA Core (MGT 308/MGT 393/FIN 355) 3 MKT Core (MKT 341/362/367) 3
MKT 309 3 MKT Core (MKT 341/362/367) 3
ECO 230 3 Marketing Elective (300/400-level)2 3
University Elective 3 University Elective 3
  15   15
Year 4
CBA Core (MGT 308/MGT 393/FIN 355) 3 MGT 449 3
MKT Core (MKT 341/362/367) 3 MKT 479 3
Marketing Elective (300/400-level)2 3 Marketing Elective (300/400-level)2 3
Marketing Elective (300/400-level)2 3 University Elective 3
University Elective 3 University Elective 1-3
  15   13-15
Total Credits: 120

Marketing majors are not required to have a minor; however, it is recommended. Are you a marketing major in search of a complementary minor? The College of Business Administration (CBA) offers eight different minors for undergraduate students:

Although, marketing majors do not have to declare a minor within the CBA. Common minors among marketing students include:

For more guidance on majors and minors, please make an appointment with your faculty advisor.


Graduation/degree requirements

Students seeking to graduate from the College of Business Administration must:

  1. Fulfill the university’s general education requirements.
  2. Fulfill all other university general requirements.
  3. Achieve a minimum 2.00 grade point average in the business core and the business major.
  4. Complete at least 50% of the business course requirements (core and major) in residence at UWL.

University baccalaureate degree requirements

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science degrees must accomplish the following:

  1. Fulfill the general education requirements.
  2. Complete at least one ethnic studies (diversity) course.
  3. Complete the courses prescribed by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for the degree desired in the respective school or college. (No substitutions for graduation may be made in course requirements for a major or minor after the fourth week of the last semester of the senior year.)
  4. Earn a minimum of 120 semester credits with at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA. At least 40 credits must be earned in 300/400 (senior college) level courses. Courses earned at the 100/200 level that transferred to UWL as 300/400 level courses do not apply to this requirement nor do courses from two-year schools.
  5. Complete major and minor requirements with at least a 2.00 GPA in each major and minor (and concentration or emphasis, if selected).
  6. A minimum of 30 semester credits in residence at UWL is required for graduation. (See undergraduate resident requirement.)
  7. Submit an application for graduation via the "Apply for Graduation" link in the WINGS Student Center as soon as the student has registered for his or her final semester or summer term in residence. December and winter intersession graduates should apply by May 1. May and summer graduates should apply by December 1.

Credit Checks

All CBA students are expected to confirm their degree completion by checking their advisement report in WINGS after they register for their final semester. The dean’s office will automatically complete a graduation check for all CBA students before the start of their final semester and notify them by email of any problems. If a student has specific questions or concerns about graduation requirements, they can contact the CBA Dean's Office.

Undergraduate students file an application to graduate using their WINGS Student Information Center. Students should apply for graduation immediately after registering for their final semester. December and Winter Intersession graduates should file by May 1st; May and Summer graduates should file by December 1st. On your WINGS Student Center page, open the drop-down box and click "Apply for Graduation." You will need to click "Apply for Graduation" again under your program and then follow the prompts.

For commencement dates and information, click here

Internships & Careers

You can find internships on Handshake or on your own.

Yes! MKT 250: Marketing Internship and MKT 450: Advanced Marketing Internship provide opportunities to earn academic credit for their marketing internships. Look at the University Catalog for more information and to determine prerequisites.

  • Prerequisites must be completed prior to the internship and cannot be taken concurrently.
  • You must be working at the internship site during the term for which you are registered for academic credit. You cannot receive credit for an internship that was previously completed.

Please follow the instructions below for reporting an internship experience: 

  1. Click here to submit your internship experience or log into your Handshake account and in the upper right, click on Career Center/Experiences/Request an Experience.
    • Fill out every field - even if it is not required.
    • For clarification - on the survey, the "Approvers/Site Supervisor" is the person at your internship site that will be supervising you. If you are unsure who that will be, enter the HR person you have been in contact with. You can send the updated information once you begin your internship. 
    • Please be sure to give a detailed job description. You may use the description posted by the organization. 
    • Please MKT 250 and MKT 450, please list Maggie McDermott as your Faculty Internship Advisor.
  2. Career Services will then review the form and initiate the approval process with your Faculty Internship Advisor. Please note that it takes a week for your request to move through the approvals process. 
    • Once all the approvals are complete, Career Services will register you for the appropriate course/credit. You are NOT able to register for internship credit through WINGS
    • You will receive an email notifying you when you have been registered for your internship course.
    • You will be required to attend an internship orientation session prior to beginning your internship experience.

MKT 250 and MKT 450 each provide an opportunity for declared Marketing majors to earn academic credit for completing an internship.

MKT 250: Marketing Internship

  • A marketing-related internship that provides an opportunity to earn academic credit for experiential learning when working for cooperating business, government, or civic organizations
  • Repeatable for up to six credits - max three credits per semester
  • Pass/Fail

MKT 450: Advanced Marketing Internship

  • An advanced marketing internship provides an opportunity for students to gain professional job experience by working in an area of marketing, applying theory and concepts to the marketing needs of a cooperating business, government, or civic organization, for a minimum of 150 hours
  • This is a hybrid class; in addition to the 150 working hours, students enrolled in MKT 450 are required to attend a weekly class meeting (alternating between in-person and virtual meetings)
  • Max of three credits will apply toward the marketing major

Look at the University Catalog for more information and to determine prerequisites.

Yes. However, we ask that you still inform the Career Services Office of your internship position so we know when and where students are gaining experiences.

  • There are no requirements or tuition fees.
  • Career Services will have a record of your experience which will make it easier to assist you should any issues arise.

Click here to submit your internship experience

  • Handshake: Our online Handshake system has a variety of resources to help you. This includes an Internship & Job Vacancy List. Employers continuously send the university announcements about internships and full-time positions. See the positions and apply.
  • Career Services resources: By clicking the different tabs above, you are able to access several other resources as well: Career Event listings, sample resumes and cover letters, interviewing tips, additional job and internship websites, links to company web pages, and more. 
  • On-Campus interviews: Many employers interview on campus for internships and full-time positions. You can sign up for interviews through Handshake or by talking with representatives at Career Fairs. 
  • Interview stream: This program allows you to answer pre-selected interview questions and capture your responses on video so you can review your answers and non-verbal behavior.
  • Internship information sessions: To find upcoming dates and times, check Events in Handshake.

Career Services staff: Staff members are available to help with any questions you may have or to help you search or prepare for internships or jobs.

For questions regarding how to obtain an internship, you should talk with the adviser assigned to your area of study:

A recent article in US News and World Report notes that one advantage of a marketing degree is that it offers many career paths.  From the highly creative side of designing effective advertising campaigns and promotions, to the fascinating study of consumer behaviors. From big data marketing analytics and insight driving marketing research to personal selling and sales management. No matter your interests, there is a home for you in the marketing discipline.  

Following is a partial list of career tracks you’ll find as a marketer. 

  • Advertising and promotions manager 
  • Content strategist 
  • Copywriter for an advertising or marketing agency 
  • Data scientist 
  • Director of digital marketing 
  • Market research analyst 
  • Marketing specialist 
  • Marketing manager 
  • Chief marketing officer 
  • Public relations manager 
  • Public relations specialist 
  • Sales manager 
  • Sales representative 
  • Search engine optimization specialist 
  • Social media manager 

Source: Kowarski, I. (2020, Dec. 3). What You Can Do With A Marketing Degree. Retrieved Oct. 16, 2023 from