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Syllabus Policies

See the Faculty Senate Website here.

Template Instructions

The templates linked below provide the text for both required and recommended language.

  • Headings in black are REQUIRED by the Faculty Senate Policy noted above.
  • Headings in blue are recommended. If you keep these sections, feel free to change the heading font to match your other heading colors.
  • Text highlighted in yellow needs your attention and perhaps modification. Please delete the yellow highlighting when you are finished modifying these sections. 
  • This template includes text typically used only for courses taught entirely online, as well as for undergraduate courses that also carry graduate-level credit ("slash course"). Please delete these sections if they do not apply to your course.

UPDATED for Fall 2022
- COVID-19 statement
- Student Course and Faculty-related Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances

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Here are the policy-compliant syllabus templates: 

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