Chemistry & Biochemistry kudos

Sujat Sen

Sujat Sen, Chemistry & Biochemistry, authored the article "Grazing incidence X-Ray diffraction: identifying the dominant facet in copper foams that electrocatalyze the reduction of carbon dioxide to formate" in Nanoscale published on Friday, Sept. 2 by Royal Society of Chemistry .

Submitted on: Sept. 2

Sujat Sen

Sujat Sen, Chemistry & Biochemistry, received the award for Collaborative Research from National Science Foundation for the project "An Engineering Design Approach for the Tandem Catalysis of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) using Nanoporous Bi-layer Structures." As part of the collaborative research effort, students from UWL will visit Purdue and learn state-of-the-art experimental techniques in thin film deposition. Sen is the lead PI on this grant between UWL and Purdue that have been collectively awarded $425,000 over the next three years.

Submitted on: Aug. 30

Sujat Sen

Sujat Sen, Chemistry & Biochemistry, authored the article "Nickel Hydroxide Nanofluid Cathodes with High Solid Loadings and Low Viscosity for Energy Storage Applications " in Energies published on Tuesday, June 28 by MDPI. This research was part of an externally funded, industry sponsored effort in collaboration with Influit Energy LLC ( UWL student co-authors include Evan Draxler.

Submitted on: June 28

Jeff Bryan

Jeff Bryan, Chemistry & Biochemistry, presented "Radiation: Myths and Misconceptions" at San José State University on March 15 in San José, California. This interactive presentation explored common radiation myths held by the general public as well as more technical misconceptions held by professionals that work with ionizing radiation.

Submitted on: Mar. 17

Keith Beyer

Keith Beyer, Chemistry & Biochemistry, authored the article "Deliquescence Relative Humidity and Reversible Non-deliquescent Water Uptake in the Sodium Salts of Succinic Acid" in ACS Earth and Space Chemistry published on Aug. 23 by the American Chemical Society. This was an invited paper for the Mario Molina memorial issue honoring Molina who shared the 1995 Nobel Prize in chemistry with F. Sherwood Rowland for their work linking chlorofluorocarbons to stratospheric ozone depletion.

Submitted on: Oct. 18, 2021