Chemistry & Biochemistry kudos

Samuel Rendler, Julia Roskam, Karl Taylor, Kristen Nowak and Keith Beyer

Samuel Rendler, Julia Roskam and Karl Taylor, all Chemistry; Kristen Nowak, Microbiology; and Keith Beyer, Chemistry & Biochemistry; co-authored the article "Phase diagrams of aqueous solutions of the potassium salts of malonic, succinic, and glutaric acids" in The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics published on July 15 by Elsevier. This publication covers work carried out over several years in Beyer's lab. The alumni co-authors are now working in various positions in industry.

Submitted on: Sept. 10

Eugenia Turov, Tushar Das, Whitney George and Nathan Warnberg

Eugenia Turov, Chemistry & Biochemistry; and Tushar Das, Whitney George and Nathan Warnberg, all Mathematics & Statistics; designed an anti-racist education workshop for "the purpose of building a Community of Anti-Racist Educators". In addition, Whitney George and Eugenia Turov co-faciliated the weeklong workshop. The workshop was a resounding success as noted by one participant leaving with 'profound insights about their personal struggles with internalized white-supremacy and how it shows up in their classrooms.'

Submitted on: Aug. 30

Sujat Sen and Seth King

Sujat Sen, Chemistry & Biochemistry and Seth King, Physics, co-authored the article "Control of Texture and Morphology of Zinc Films through Pulsed Methods from Additive-Free Electrolytes" in ChemistrySelect published on May 25 by European Chemical Society Publishing (Wiley). Student co-authors include Lee Fuller, Jason Martin and Yuanman Ma.

Submitted on: June 11

Cody Vaneerd, Michaela Thielen, Erin Carlson, Manibarsha Goswami and John May, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Cody Vaneerd, Biochemistry; Michaela Thielen, Biology; Erin Carlson and Manibarsha Goswami, both University of Minnesota, Dept. of Chemistry; and John May, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Chemistry & Biochemistry; co-authored the article "2-Aminobenzothiazoles Inhibit Virulence Gene Expression and Block Polymyxin Resistance in Salmonella enterica" in ChemBioChem published on Friday, Sept. 11 by Wiley-VCH. The article reports the collaborative discovery of molecules that have the potential to treat infections caused by Salmonella enterica, a major bacterial cause of food-borne illness.

Submitted on: Sept. 11, 2020

Jeff Bryan

Jeff Bryan, Chemistry & Biochemistry, served as co-instructor for the Nuclear Chemistry Summer School (NCSS) from June 15 through July 24. Bryan was part of a team of nuclear chemistry instructors selected to teach 24 students. The instructors and students are selected from across the U.S. The NCSS provides exceptional undergraduates with an opportunity to learn about nuclear chemistry and radiochemistry. It began in 1984 and is funded by the Department of Energy.

Submitted on: July 30, 2020