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Dena Huisman

Dena Huisman, Communication Studies, authored the book "Social Power and Communicating Social Support: How Stigma and Marginalization Affect Our Ability to Help" published on Tuesday, Dec. 13 by Routledge. The book covers issues of support around issues of race and ethnicity, sexuality, physical and mental health, and grief.

Submitted on: Dec. 5, 2022

Jennifer Butler Modaff and Daniel Modaff

Jennifer Butler Modaff and Daniel Modaff, both Communication Studies, received the award for 2022 Outstanding Textbook at National Communication Association Conference, Organizational Communication Division on Nov. 18 in New Orleans, LA. The award was given for the 5th edition of their textbook, Organizational Communication: Foundations, Challenges, and Misunderstandings, published by Cognella.

Submitted on: Dec. 3, 2022

Katherine Lavelle

Katherine Lavelle, Communication Studies, authored the article "An Injury Like Any Other: Counter Story, Mental Health Discourse, and Liz Cambage" in Howard Journal of Communications and was accepted for publication by Taylor and Francis. This essay argues that Cambage’s mediated mental health disclosures function as resistance to stereotypes about Black women and mental health.

Submitted on: Nov. 1, 2022

Katherine Lavelle

Katherine Lavelle, Communication Studies, authored the chapter "Developing a Rhetoric of Mental Health from a Communication and Sport Perspective" in Health Communication and Sport: Connections, Applications, and Opportunities published on June 1 by Lexington (Rowman and Littlefield). The text evaluates health communication issues in sport contexts and inspires work that will answer contemporary questions and problems.

Submitted on: Nov. 1, 2022

Jennifer Butler Modaff

Jennifer Butler Modaff, Communication Studies, co-authored the chapter "Investing in Equity: Starbuck's Challenges and Responses to Advancing Racial Equity" in the International Journal of Instructional Cases published on Oct. 21 by Herald Academic and Organizational Ergonomics (UK).

Submitted on: Oct. 26, 2022