Electrochemical and electrical


Electrochemical Analyzer

General use potentiostat capable of performing many common coulometric and voltametric measurements. These techniques include cyclic voltammetry, square wave voltammetry, and chronocoulometry.

CH Instruments 620B

  • Variety of electrode and cells available
  • Picoamp sensitivity
  • Potential scan range of ±10 V

Contact: Aric Opdahl


Electrical Characterization

Jandel RM3000 Four-point Probe System

  • Multi-height probe stand to accommodate samples up to 250 mm thick
  • 100 um and 300 um tip diameter, linear array probe heads
  • Measurement range of 1 mΩ/□ to 500 MΩ/□
  • Current source range 10 nA to 99.99 mA
  • Measured voltage range 0.01 mV to 1250 mV

Contact: Seth King


HP 4140b pA Meter/DC Voltage Source

  • I-V and C-V measurements
  • Computer controlled with LabView software
  • Dark box and UV laser for photocarrier voltammetry

Contact: Seth King


Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM)

QCM is generally used to study adsorption behavior, including biomolecular interactions. The basis of the QCM is a piezoelectric quartz crystal sensor which oscillates at a resonance frequency in the MHz region. The exact frequency is determined by several factors, including the mass of the sensor. Increases in the mass of the sensor as a result of adsorption are observed as a reduction in the oscillation frequency.

Stanford Research QCM 100

  • QCM crystals available with wide range of coatings
  • Pico- to nanogram changes in mass detectable
  • Can be used with CH instruments potentiosat to perform E-QCM measurements

Contact: Aric Opdahl


Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM)

Similar to AFM, but relies on changes in current to look at the surface, rather than changes in force.

Agilent 4400

  • Imaging in atmosphere, inert gas, or solution environments
  • Atomic resolution

Contact: Seth King