Undergraduate Research committees

CSH Undergraduate Research Travel and Supply Grants

As a result of financial restrictions due to COVID-19 there will be no travel grants awarded for 2020- 2021, but there will still be supply grants awarded.

Please submit supply grants by the regular deadlines: the first Monday of September (fall funding), the first Monday in February (spring funding), and the first Monday in May (summer funding).

Members - Science and Health
Travel and Supply Grant Committee 

Member Department Term Expires
Naghmeh Gheidi Exercise and Sport Science 30 June 2023
Wako Bungula Mathematics and Statistics 30 June 2023
Dan Bretl Microbiology 30 June 2022
 Namyun Kil Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation  30 June 2022
Robert McGaff Chemistry and Biochemistry 30 June 2021
Jaclyn Wisinski Biology 30 June 2021

CSH Undergraduate Research - Dean's Distinguished Fellowships

Members - Science and Health 
Dean's Distinguished Fellowship Grant Committee 
2020 - 2021

Member Department

Term Expires

Seth King Physics 30 June 2021
Karen Skemp Health Education and Health Promotion  30 June 2021
Eddie Kim Mathematics and Statistics 30 June 2022
David Mathias Computer Science 30 June 2022
Rachyl Stephenson Exercise and Sport Science 30 June 2022
Daniel Bretl Microbiology 30 June 2023
Matthew Hammers Chemistry and Biochemistry 30 June 2023
Niti Mishra Geography and Earth Science 30 June 2023
Alder Yu Biology 30 June 2023