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The English Department at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse prepares students as professionals and global citizens through the study of literature & culture, writing & rhetoric, and English education. We engage with texts and ideas as imaginative, open-minded individuals who contribute responsibly to diverse communities in a changing world.

Bill & Yvonne Hyde

Hyde Donation

The Hyde Estate gifted UW-La Crosse a $1.1 million endowment to the English department, one of the most substantial gifts in UWL history.

Read a tribute to Bill & Yvonne Hyde, UWL's most iconic power couple, and their legacy of giving.

Winter & Spring 2023 Courses

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Marketable skills

Knowledge of real-world situations

Students have many opportunities for applied learning such as internships, course-embedded client service projects with community organizations, and course-embedded research projects.

In-demand writing skills

More than 75% of business executives and hiring managers surveyed in a 2018 study say that writing skills are extremely important for job applicants. The English Department is a writing-in-the-major program, which means that students will learn and develop valuable writing skills throughout their major.


Independent and collaborative experience

English students learn to prioritize and manage their time, as well as work effectively in teams by building interpersonal skills and the confidence to express ideas. More than 75% of business executives and hiring managers surveyed in a 2018 study value these skills.

Critical and creative thinking

English students develop analytical reasoning skills, the ability to see problems from diverse perspectives, and learn to be proactive in developing innovative, ethical solutions.

What do English graduates do?

Our alumni are furthering their careers at businesses, nonprofits, schools and universities regionally and across the nation. Our English graduates prepare for their futures in a wide variety of exciting professions, including public relations, marketing, K-12 and higher education, law, medicine and event planning, and many of our students are successful in applying to competitive graduate programs across a broad range of disciplines.

A UWL graduate with a Communications major and PTW minor, Cat Daly discusses her development within the English department and the impact being an English student had on her life after graduating.