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Zoe Slattery, '15

English Education

"I felt most impacted by my professors at UWL, both in the English and Education departments. Their passion for their field and caring for their students allowed me to think critically and act globally, which led to two years of teaching in West Africa with the Peace Corps."

Laura Berry, '17

Professional & Technical Writing minor

"Out of the 45 students in UW-La Crosse's Physical Therapy Program, I am the only student with a Professional & Technical Writing minor. My professional writing background not only helped me stand out during the application process, but has also proved valuable during my first year of grad school."

Whitney Malin, '17

English: Writing & Rhetoric Major

"I was hired in my current role to manage advertising department projects, but I also offered to write content for our website, social media platforms, and promotional events. My degree from UWL prepared me for these writing opportunities, and I’m excited to continue growing as a writer throughout my career!"

Sam Hackworth, '14

English: Literature Major

"The breadth of courses allowed me to create a strong base for understanding critical theory in fields outside of literature. My success was also fostered by the hard work of the English department's professors, who encouraged me to examine how literary theory intersects with other academic and professional fields."

Victoria Lor, '15

English: Writing & Rhetoric Major, Professional & Technical Writing minor

"A major in English prepared me with the skills to succeed professionally by keeping me conscious of the things I write about. It has also helped me to build a solid foundation on how to write with concision and consistency."

Spencer Hoostal, '13

Biology and English: Literature Major

"As a future physician, a background in literature has made me appreciate the unique story and background that each patient has. It has enhanced my communication skills and ability to be present and truly listen to patients."

Miranda Martin

Creative Writing minor

"My creative writing minor has helped me immensely in my job search after college. I can feel confident submitting my writing and editing it on my own. Even if you are not going into the writing profession, having a background in writing is something many employers are looking for. Communicating through writing is important in every career!"

Marketable skills

Knowledge of real-world situations

Students have many opportunities for applied learning such as internships, course-embedded client service projects with community organizations, and course-embedded research projects.

In-demand writing skills

More than 75% of business executives and hiring managers surveyed in a 2018 study say that writing skills are extremely important for job applicants. The English Department is a writing-in-the-major program, which means that students will learn and develop valuable writing skills throughout their major.


Independent and collaborative experience

English students learn to prioritize and manage their time, as well as work effectively in teams by building interpersonal skills and the confidence to express ideas. More than 75% of business executives and hiring managers surveyed in a 2018 study value these skills.

Critical and creative thinking

English students develop analytical reasoning skills, the ability to see problems from diverse perspectives, and learn to be proactive in developing innovative, ethical solutions.



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