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Read the Digital Sign Publicity Guidelines and Requirements stated by University Communications. 

These are important to keep in mind when submitting materials for publicity creation to the department intern. If the criteria is not met by these rules, the publicity request cannot be fulfilled.

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Here is a list of platforms your publicity can be displayed on.

Paper Copies

Perfect for bulletin boards across campus and for faculty to inform students in their classrooms.

Digital Signs

Digital signs are great for reaching all over campus due to the vast amount of places that digital signs can be displayed.

Department Sign

Located in the English Department only.

Department Website


Perfect for scheduling and publicizing events in advance.


Short and sweet bits of content to capture students' attention. 

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Please use the following Qualtrics Survey links to submit publicity or to complete a copy request.

Copy Request Form

Publicity Submission Form

If you're looking for assistance with a project or event, please schedule a meeting with the intern via email at english@uwlax.edu.