General Literature

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200-level English courses give you the opportunity to learn about our world through literature. Learn more about the topics and themes for ENG 200-level courses here. 

Learning Outcomes

Successful students will be able to 

  1. Generate a close reading of a literary text (i.e. fiction, poetry, drama, creative non-fiction) that recognizes, demonstrates an understanding of, and interprets a text's literary elements.
  2. Evaluate differing perspectives on society, the environment, and/or the human experience as represented in literary texts.
  3. Articulate contexts (e.g., historical, theoretical, cultural, generic, biographical) that give literature meaning.
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of the connections between literary form and content.
  5. Articulate purposes of literary study (e.g. aesthetic, epistemological, moral purposes). 

Adopted by the English Department 12/05/2012