English kudos

Louise Zamparutti

Louise Zamparutti, English, presented "Transgender Athletes at Risk or as Risk? Asystasis and Definitional Stalemate" at the Rhetoric Society of America Conference on May 26 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Submitted on: June 1

Louise Zamparutti

Louise Zamparutti, English, presented "Monument in Motu" at the American Society for the History of Rhetoric Conference on May 25 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Submitted on: June 1

Lee Baines, Markus Mika, Linda Dickmeyer, Darci Thoune, Naghmeh Gheidi, Daniel Bretl, Kamilo Lara, Seth King, Brian Kumm-Schaley and Jane Brannan

Lee Baines and Markus Mika, both Biology; Linda Dickmeyer, Communication Studies; Darci Thoune, English; Naghmeh Gheidi, Exercise & Sport Science; Daniel Bretl, Microbiology; Kamilo Lara, Military Science, ROTC; Seth King, Physics; Brian Kumm-Schaley, Recreation Management & Therapeutic Recreation; and Jane Brannan, Veteran Services; received a UWL Challenge Coin at the Stole & Recognition Ceremony on Friday, May 6 in La Crosse, WI. Students presented a challenge coin to the staff or faculty member of their choosing in recognition of the impact the staff/faculty had on their academic career. Challenge Coins are an enduring military tradition. Military Commanders often give a coin to service members as a mark of camaraderie or to recognize hard work and excellence. They are intended to instill unit pride, improve esprit-de-corps, and serve as a reward for a job well done. A challenge coin signifies the person went above and beyond in their duties.

Submitted on: May 6

Kimberly DeFazio

Kimberly DeFazio, English, authored the article "Das Mysterium der »Agency«: Der Neue Materialismus liefert die passende Philosophie für eine zunehmend orientierungslose Linke" in M&R: Magazin Für Gegenkulture published on Jan. 1 by Verlag 8. Mai. The essay was translated into German and published in a special issue on the critique of imperialism. “Naturalism is not Materialism: Spinoza, New Materialism and the Left,” the original English title, analyzes dominant theories of materialism in the global North which, by reducing the material to matter and affect, normalize global relations of capitalist exploitation.

Submitted on: May 2

Robert Wilkie

Robert Wilkie, English, authored the article "游戏劳工:阶级、电子游戏和'一般智力'" in 澎湃新闻 (The Paper) published on April 30 by 上海报业集团. Rob Wilkie’s essay "Gaming Labor: Class, Video Games, and the 'General Intellect'" has been translated into Chinese and is published and available online in 澎湃新闻 (The Paper). The essay is a theoretical analysis of contemporary labor conditions, Marx’s “labor theory of value,” and the managerial control of labor.

Submitted on: May 1