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William J. & Yvonne Hyde Colloquium Series

Funded by the generosity of Bill and Yvonne Hyde, our department's Colloquium Series gives faculty members the chance to present and discuss projects and topics with other faculty and students. Personal or professional, our faculty members have full creative liberties on what they'd like to present on, as is exemplified by the wide variety of presentations given since 2002. Check out upcoming and past Colloquium presentations below!

Colloquium Series flyer titled: "The Jail Literacy Program and Supporting Incarcerated Writers: Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned"

Colloquium Series Flyer titled: "Lets NOT Talk About Sex: Risky Teaching in a Surveillance State"

Past Colloquium Series Presentations

Check out other presentations from former and current professors in our department!

Past 2022 Presentations

Colloquium Series Flyer: "Monuments We Don't Like: Should We Tear Them Down?"

Colloquium Series Flyer: "What is Rhetoric and Why Do We Study It? Aristotle for Everyone"

Colloquium Series Flyer: "Using Contemplative Pedagogies to Deepen Reading" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Trans as Risk: Risk Communication in Anti-Transgender Rhetoric"


Colloquium Series Flyer: "Robert Pirsig and Wallace Stegner: Crossing to Safety" Colloquium Series Flyer: “Habits of Mind, Movements in Writing: First-Year Writers as Learners”Colloquium Series Flyer: "‘But Nobody Says So’: On John Ashbery’s Later Prose Poems”

Colloquium Series Flyer: "Aristotelian Rhetoric, Humanistic Studies, and the Other" Colloquium Series Flyer: “The Target Shoots First: Selling and Selling Out for the Columbia House Record Club”Colloquium Series Flyer: "Modernizing Misogyny in Shakespeare’s Shrew" Colloquium Series Flyer: “Telling Our Stories: English and the Public Humanities”

Colloquium Series Flyer: “Transposing Jane Eyre: Race, Class, Gender, and Inheritance in Toni Morrison’s Tar Baby”

Colloquium Series Flyer: “Poppies and Preservation: The Post-Pastoral Impulses of WWI Literature and Britain’s Environmental Preservation Movement" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Tinkering Things Together: Rhetoric and Mess Management in Community Ecology" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Communicating with the Other, Understanding the Self, Recognizing Biases" Colloquium Series Flyer: "The English Major: Data and Design"

Colloquium Series Flyer: "'The World without Us': Melancholia, Posthumanism and the Erasure of Class" Colloquium Series Flyer: “Grass Mud Horse: Luhmannian Systems Theory and Internet Censorship in China” Colloquium Series Flyer: Playing with Sensation in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Literary London: Chaucer and Shakespeare--Place, Space, and Study Abroad" 

Colloquium Series Flyer: "The Icy White Queen in a Green World" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Locating the “Q” in Inclusive Excellence: Non-normative gender and sexuality in undergraduate catalogs and general education curricula" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Teaching and Untoothing Howl: Epstein and Friedman's Film Adaptation of Allen Ginsberg's Poem Howl" Colloquium Series Flyer: "The Marquis de Sade's Communities of Feeling: A (Re)Enlightenment Salon"

Colloquium Series Flyer: “Avant-Rhetoric: Innovation as Argument in Postwar American Poetry” Colloquium Series Flyer: "Working with Multilingual Writers: A Film Screening and Workshop" Colloquium Series Flyer: “Beyond the Story Within the Story: A Case Study of the Art of Narrative Design” Colloquium Series Flyer: "Animated Monsters: Class and the Nonhuman" 

Colloquium Series Flyer: "The Unhappiness of Travel" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Student Interpretation and Application of Peer and Instructor Writing Comments" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Last Words of the Holy Ghost: a sneak preview" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Be Mine: Loving Selves in Romeo + Juliet"

Colloquium Series Flyer: "You Are Still Alive" Colloquium Series Flyer: “Exclamatory Interrogatives‽: Asking Meaningful Questions in the Humanities" Colloquium Series Flyer: “Rhetorics, Truths, and Writings Cross Cultures” Colloquium Series Flyer: "Hopkins, Darwin, and the Scene of the Crime: An Exercise in Creative Noncriticism"

Colloquium Series Flyer: "Consumer Kitchen in White Noise: Consumption, Construction, Assimilation and Articulation by the System of Objects" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Sansa's Songs: Medieval Romance in A Game of Thrones" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Be Mine: Eliza Haywood's Reappropriation of French Erotic Philosophy"

Colloquium Series Flyer: "Schoolhouse Rock as both Pedagogical Tool and Model in a College-Level English Grammars Course" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Who Are You and What Are You Doing in This Class? Huxley's Brave New World and the Pedagogy of the Personal" Colloquium Series Flyer: "The 'Tell-Tale' Narrator: Oral Literature of the 19th Century and an Appreciation of Edgar Allan Poe." Colloquium Series Flyer: "The Quest for Knightly Identity: Knight-Errant or Knight-Domestic?"

Colloquium Series Flyer: “The Battle Without Killing: Eliza Haywood and the Politics of Attempted Rape” Colloquium Series Flyer: "'Milk for the pussens': Animality in James Joyce's Ulysses" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Disgust before Disgust: Repulsion in Renaissance Literature" Colloquium Series Flyer: "The Bipolar Expedition: next to normal and Its Abnormal Path to the Pulitzer Prize"

Colloquium Series Flyer: "Enthymeme as Diagrammatic: A Confucian Reading of Aristotle's Rhetoric" Colloquium Series Flyer: “Perfect example of a country queen”: Gay American English in the American South Colloquium Series Flyer: "Conceiving and Consuming Fictions in Washington Irving's 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Six Key Terms in the Transition from High School to College Writing"

Colloquium Series Flyer: "Journalism of the 19th Century: A Survey of Major Novelists and Poets" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Yeats's Shakespeare and Joyce's Objection: Two Dogmas of Cosmopolitanism" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Adaptation: From Short Story to Short Film" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Pushing Boundaries of Normalcy: Employing Critical Disability Studies in Analyzing Medical Charity Websites"

Colloquium Series Flyer: "Virginia Woolf and Environmental Modernism" Colloquium Series Flyer: "The Urban Image: From Wordsworth to Sofia Coppola" Colloquium Series Flyer: "Vision and the Other"