UWL English Department's 2 + 2 Program

As we become a more global and interconnected world, the ability to speak, write, read, and think in ways that cross borders and boundaries has never been more important.


The "2+2 Program" in the English Department at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse reflects our Department's commitment to preparing students for this new global reality.  The program provides university students from China the opportunity to study in a diverse range of courses and earn a Bachelor's degree in English (Rhetoric and Writing Emphasis) in two years' time and with two years' expense. 

The program also adds an international dimension to our Department, providing American students with an opportunity to interact, share ideas, and learn from the Chinese students.


Our first group of students has gone on to graduate study in such areas as Media Studies, Recreational Management, and Business Administration.

For more information, please contact  Dr. Haixia Lan.

Lan Xiao

Writing and Rhetoric major & Professional and Technical Writing minor

"I think the best thing about the 2+2 Program is that it gave me the opportunity to see the world and to make friends with those who have a different background, all while finding new possibilities for myself."