Publishing opportunities for students

English Majors and Minors at UWL have an impressive number of opportunities to publish their creative and scholarly work. Here is a list of publishing outlets for undergraduate students.


  • Steam Ticket  is a national literary journal sponsored by the English Department. Students may not only submit creative works, but also serve on the editorial board.
  • The Catalyst  is an online publication for students of the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse. The goal of The Catalyst is to spark discussion and critical thinking about important issues of the day. The Catalyst publishes writing (fiction and nonfiction), artwork, videos, and music. The Catalyst is edited and produced by student members of the English Club.
  • The Mercury is conceived as a publication outlet for informative writing from students in News Reporting & Editing and other courses. 
  • The Racquet  is UWL's weekly student newspaper.
  • Journal of Undergraduate Research  is a campus-wide annual journal publishing research performed by UWL undergraduate students. Note that UWL often provides grants and other financial support for students actively engaged with research.
  • The Rectangle  is the annual creative journal of Sigma Tau Delta, The International English Honor Society
  • The Sigma Tau Delta Review  is the critical journal of Sigma Tau Delta.