1.   POLICY:  In accordance with State of Wisconsin Department of Administration policy, Campus Stores has been delegated sole authority to dispose of surplus property for UW-La Crosse (UWL). Campus Stores may further delegate disposition authority for specific items or for general disposal activities. In the case of electronic technology surplus, Campus Stores has delegated authority to Information Technology Services (ITS).


2.1  State Property:  All UWL materials, supplies, and equipment, regardless of value.

2.2  Surplus Property:  UWL property that is in excess of department needs, no longer in use by the department, technically or mechanically obsolete, no longer functional, or has no intrinsic value (junk).

2.3  Capital Equipment:  Any single asset which has an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more and a useful life of at least two years, whether purchased outright, acquired through a capital lease or through donation.

2.4  UWL Faculty and Staff Reuse Items: Surplus Property that falls within the guidelines to be reused throughout the Campus. Please contact Campus Stores or Facilities Management for further clarification as this is predicated on purpose and location.

2.5  Transfer:  Surplus Property to be transferred to another UW institution, state agency, or within UWL. 

  • For transfer to another UW institution or state agency, see Section 7.1
  • For transfer within UWL, see Sections 7.2 and 7.3
  • For transfer of Capital Equipment within UWL or for authorization to transfer Capital Equipment off-campus, please see the Business Services Capital Equipment webpage.

2.6   Federally Funded: Capital Equipment purchased through utilization of funds provided by a federal grant or contract (Fund 144). 

3.   CAUTIONS:  All disposals of state property must be approved by Campus Stores or ITS. University departments are NOT authorized to dispose of state property without the approval of Campus Stores or ITS.

4.   CONTACTS:  Departments should call Campus Stores at 785-8643 with any questions regarding surplus disposal.


5.1  Complete a Surplus Property Transaction Form listing the surplus items to be picked up by Campus Stores. Send one copy via fax (785-6577) or campus mail to Campus Stores. The form must be signed by the Department Chair or Division Director. 

5.2  Attach a copy of the Surplus Property Transaction Form to the surplus item(s).

5.3  Campus Stores will pick up the equipment directly from the department. Please do NOT relocate the equipment to a central location in the building.


6.1  Surplus property is first made available to other UW-La Crosse departments. All items can be viewed in Campus Stores 8:00 to 3:00 M-F. 

6.2   After surplus property has been made available to UW-La Crosse departments, other UW System institutions, and other state agencies, Campus Stores will coordinate the listing of the item on the online auction website. Announcements will be made in the Campus Connection.


7.1   Property transferred to another UW System institution or other state agency. The contributing department must complete a Surplus Property Transaction form. Add a link In the "Condition Codes" section indicate "T" and record the UW System institution or other state agency to which the property will be transferred and send completed form to Campus Stores. Departments must receive authorization to transfer Capital Equipment off-campus, please see Business Services' Capital Equipment webpage

7.2  Property (non-capital equipment) transferred to another department. The contributing department does not need to complete a Surplus Property Transaction form.

7.3  Capital equipment transferred to another department. The contributing department must complete a Capital Equipment Transfer/Trade-In Form, but not a Surplus Property Transaction form.

7.4  Capital equipment traded in toward a new purchase. Departments may elect to trade-in equipment as part of a new equipment purchase. The contributing department must complete a Capital Equipment Transfer/Trade-In Form


8.1  Act 33 of the 2003-2005 Wisconsin State Budget requires net proceeds from the sale of surplus property be deposited into the Budget Stabilization Fund except when the proceeds of the sale will be used to purchase like items.

8.2 Campus Stores' handling fee:

  • Proceeds $50.00 or less will be retained by Campus Stores.
  • Proceeds $50.00 or more - Campus Store retains $50.00 plus 10% of the amount over $50.00.  The net proceeds will be returned to the department.

8.3  There are special restrictions on the disposal of certain major appliances and/or special equipment. A disposal fee may be applicable and charged back to the disposing department for these types of items. Contact Campus Stores for details.


9.1  Campus Stores will maintain and report required records in accordance with PRO-F-3, State Procurement Manual.

9.2  If an asset tag is noted on the Surplus Property Transaction Form, Campus Stores will send a copy of the completed form to Business Services.

10.   PROHIBITED AND CONTROLLED PRACTICES:  The following practices are specifically prohibited or controlled by State of Wisconsin regulations:

10.1.     All disposals of state property must be approved by Campus Stores or ITS. University departments are NOT authorized to dispose of state property without the approval of Campus Stores or ITS.

10.2      Donations or sales of state property to private individuals, for-profit organization, or state employees are prohibited unless the items are sold at announced public sales or auctions.


REFERENCE: PRO-F-3, State Procurement Manual, Surplus Property

Disposal: Non-vehicles, March 18th 2004

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Contact Campus Stores at 608.785.8591 or fax 608.785.6577